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2010.08.10, 07:46 AM
Hi all.
I found a curious problem on my MA-010 ASF this morning.I've had it a week and have run about 2 sets of batteries through it and all was fine until now.
I found that the throttle was lagging slightly on acceleration and deceleration intermittently and hardly noticeable,but it was doing it none the less.On removing the body and placing the chassis on a stand and running it up I noticed what appeared to be radio glitching.It was most notable in reverse.The symptoms were eratic throttle (speed changes on full speed) and twitchy steering.
I then tried my MR02 ASF which worked perfectly so ruled out the transmitter having a fault.
I then checked all the motor/power connections,all ok.
When checking the motor connections I had the motor partially out,still in the chassis but out enough so the gears were not in contact.For some reason I decided to try running the motor in this position,no glitches!
Put the motor back in,glitches again.
It appeared that with the motor in position,close to the board was causing the glitches.
I fitted another standard Kyosho motor and no glitches so all is well again.
The motor that is causing the glitches seems to run fine otherwise and It appears it only needs to be moved about 10mm away from the board to stop the glitching.Fitted to an MR02/03 I think the motor would cause no issues as it far enough away from the board not to affect it.
This motor had 3 capacitors fitted as opposed to the 2 normally fitted although I cannot see this affecting it.

I have not got a problem now but I'd thought I'd share my findings,and to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this.I did not expect the motors to affect the ASF board in this fashion.


2010.08.10, 08:18 AM
I have had this problem with my ASF F-1. It seems some motors where more prone than others but never got rid of the problem until I changed out the board.

It resolved the problem for awhile however it is now occuring again slightly. Not as bad as before and only occasionally, still annoying though.

I have heard of some people installing power capacitors to resolve the issue. I haven't tried it though.

It would be interesting to see what Kyosho's take on this issue would be?

2010.08.10, 10:20 AM
It sounds similar to the f1 glitch but I have never seen or heard of it happening to an awd.

The caps on the motor won't affect it, in fact you really don't need them at all with 2.4 asf.

The reason the f1 glitches it due to the voltage dropping too low and not having enough juice to power the receiver, this is why it happens on throttle. There are a couple reasons why this happens. The f1 is heavier than an 02/03/awd and the tires are taller making the gear ratios different from a 02/03/awd.

I put power caps on all my f1's and it fixes the problem. If you run the batteries until they are close to being dead it will glitch a little.

Jay, you said your f1 was fine when the board was new, mine were fine for a long time and then one day it just started. I later discovered thy circuit boards do actually wear out so I'm thinking that's what's happened to mine. It would be worse with certain motors as well. It might depend on how much current the motor uses.

2010.08.11, 10:33 AM
Put a longer antenna on the ASF board.

2010.08.11, 12:32 PM
Put a longer antenna on the ASF board.

Interesting,do you recommend a length or is it a case of trial and error?
This would be a particularly easy fix.
Thank you.

2010.08.11, 01:41 PM
Go Long if it does not interfere with your driving. You can always cut it.