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2010.08.10, 12:48 PM
I have he Kyosho Gold F1 diff. I have upgraded it to the 64 pitch gears and so far it works fine. I was looking at some of the new diffs available for the racers and it seems that there are some good options. Namely PN and Qteq. It got me thinking. Are there any other options for the diff in the F1? I read where someone installed some sort of hybrid with the Kyosho and some Qteq parts. Is there upgrade parts that are reccomended for the Kyohso diff, like a new lighter shaft or something? It would be nice to see PN or someone make a nice diff set for the F1 like the MR2049 they have for the racer. Isnt it just a question of length of the shaft or is there more to it?

2010.08.10, 01:23 PM
The spacing on the right side o the f1 diff is larger that 02/03 to make the track the correct width. You can use qteq parts on the left side of the diff (closest to the motor mount) and you can use the qteq adjustment nut as well. You have to use the original kyosho right side of the diff housing because of the spacing that is built into it. I've done this to both my f1 duffs w/64p and they've been working great.

As for the diff shaft I have been using the kyosho titanium ones for a long time. They can be a little tuff to find sometimes but they are out there. They are also a little pricey at 25 each. They are alot lighter than the steel one that you have.

All in all I think I cut about 30% off the total weight of the diff with these parts.

2010.08.10, 02:20 PM
ATM makes a nice titanium shaft as well. I run the ATM diff that comes with it on my F1, and it is good (and under $30 for the whole get up).

I don't particualrly like 64p on the F1s. I seem to tear them up to easily with the bigger cars and exposed gears.

2010.08.10, 02:35 PM
there u go mantis.. a new product... spur gear protector....

2010.08.10, 02:53 PM
^ His rear wing does a lot better than the stock offerings already! I shattered a plastic one early on (maybe why he doesnt sell them anymore), but Ive taken some killer hits in the back with the CF one with little to no damage.

I guess I should try ot 64p again, but I think the 200g cars put too much stress on those little teeth too.

2010.08.10, 04:00 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. I have one of the Atomic Diffs. Not sure if its got the titanium shaft or not. If it does I can maybe add it to the Kyosho parts. my goal is to lighten things up a bit.

I just ordered the Mantis fron wing V1, it should be here soon. The other guys have them and I've noticed that they drive thier F1's like the stole em'.

I'm trying to get a smoother operating car.

2010.08.10, 04:17 PM
All ATM F1 diffs come with the ti shaft.

As stated, the Mantis wing protects the spur much better than the stock wing.

I have used the Qteq diff parts on the left side of the spur, and Kyosho parts on the right. I find that the car feels more balanced when it is like this, as there is less mass attached to the left wheel than with the heavier steel shaft and Kyosho parts...

2010.08.10, 06:03 PM
Ditto....same here with 64P gears.

2010.08.26, 03:48 PM
I checked on the Atomic and sure enough EMU was right, it was a titanium shaft. I weighed it and the stocker was 8 grams and the ATM was 4 as I recall (its been 2 weeks since I did it). I just re-used all the stock Kyosho parts for now, except the tensioner. The ATM was smaller and lighter.

I switched to the 64 pitch gears a while back because thats what I run on my racer. I just wanted to have one type of gears to keep on hand for replacements, so its more of a convenience thing for me. However I havent had any problems (yet) with them getting hit. I might get one of the Mantis rear wings anyway if it helps protect them.

I got the Mantis Front Wing installed and it sure is nice. I weighed it while switching it over from the stock one I had. Once all was finalized they were almost exactly the same weight. I just weighed the stuff I took off and then the stuff I put back on. I used the screws provided with the kit. It would be lighter with all titanium screws but I dont have any yet.

So far I'm kinda diggin it. I'm still kind of a spaz at driving it but I'm getting better, I think. :cool: