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2010.08.11, 02:28 PM

im wondering if someone could help explain to me When , Were ,and Why you should use comm drops.

please help bompie

2010.08.12, 05:47 PM
Comm Drops - A lubricant and electrical current enhancing agent for brush-to-commutator contact thereby increasing motor output.

When/Where/Why To Use Comm Drops: When you are trying to gain every performance-edge possible out of a given motor (Increase RPM's and less current draw). Comm drops usually only last for a few minutes at best and then evaporate/wear-off, so the biggest advantage is at the beginning of a run. The comm and brushes need to be cleaned before and after comm drops are used. Comm drops are applied directly to the commutator, 1-to-2 drops before a race/practice/etc. . With Mini-Z, Comm drops usually gunk-up the comm quickly after use and can hurt motor performance if there is not careful attention to inspecting/cleaning motor.

Comm drops usually will help keep the comm smooth and help prevent comm scratching and grooving from brush wear&tear, in addition to the performance benefits.

Suggestion: Use comm drops on motors with carbon brushes ONLY. Pure-Silver and high-Silver-content brushes are highly-conductive as are the silver brush debris that wears-off during motor usage. Comm drops tend to hold onto brush particulates (Gunk-up the works:() and when silver brush debris collects in-between the comm plates, short-circuiting can occur; This can cause the motor to all of a sudden start drawing much higher Amps than usual->Lead to Motor damage or (Worse IMO) FET damage:eek:.
Also some comm drops can attack Silver brushes and cause excessive wear and even breakdown and crumbling of the silver brush. Carbon brushes usually don't have this problem.

Another Suggestion: Stay away from comm drops for most occasions (Or don't use them at all). A properly-tuned & Broke-In motor will perform very close over a race/run IMO compared to a motor that has comm drops applied. Even though the comm drops may give you a slight advantage in performance at the beginning of a run, if the comm drops collect a lot of track debris/dust or brush particulates, this can hurt the performance later in that same run, negating the early benefits. Mini-Z commutators are just so tiny, the comm plates are so close together and can be contaminated easily. I can't recommend comm drops for the large majority of races or racers.

Hope this helps some!

Davey G
2010.08.12, 06:55 PM
I dont believe in them.. I have tried sooo many different ones and at the end of my run my overall times are the same or worse then not comm dropping.

2010.08.12, 07:56 PM
best comm drops is electric motor cleaner. Same effect as the comm drops but with no drag/gumm up afterwords that comm drops cause to slow the motor down. commdrops add initial power in a run but is a short gain.

2010.08.13, 01:35 PM
thanks guys for all the answers, just what i was looking for.


2010.10.05, 07:10 AM
Comm/Journalism is my current major and I have no plans on dropping that as a major. Both English and Anthropology interest me. Any suggestions?