View Full Version : Formula 1 Phoenix GP

Dusty Weasle
2010.08.12, 06:00 PM

Announcing Mini-AZ's Formula 1 Grand Prix of Phoenix. Visit this "Events" thread for details:


2010.08.12, 08:37 PM
DW, I love the poster, but... Toyota? In 2010?! :D

2010.08.12, 09:23 PM
DW, I love the poster, but... Toyota? In 2010?! :D Toyota is gone so no lawsuit from Bernie Ecclestone!;)

Dusty Weasle
2010.08.13, 02:18 AM
Executive thinking machgo :D ! Yeah, the reference image was a Toyota so I just went with it. The whole thing is vector art (CorelDraw=awesomeness).

2010.08.14, 08:45 AM
WOW!! THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME! im definately going to try and make it but a the very least contact me about sponsership!

2010.08.14, 08:46 AM
we need to get together and start an F1/LM series for next year. we will have a top notch track here in texas in a few months! also may i suggest using the reflex 70t motor it is way more effecient,faster and all o fthe motors are the same, you dont even need to break them in!