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2010.08.15, 01:23 AM

I just got my first Mini-Z yesterday. It is an MR-02 MM Chassis. I was just wondering what kind of bodies other than the MR-02 MM you can fit, as there is only a small amount of bodies to the MR-02 MM.
Can I like, fit an MR-02 RM body on the chassis? Or any other types like AWD or MR-015?



2010.08.15, 05:04 AM
The MM chassis designation means that the chassis comes pre-installed with a particular motor mount, in this case, Kyosho's MM motor mount (98-106mm wheelbase). In order to fit "RM" bodies, you will need to shorten the wheelbase to 94mm or below (down to 86mm for the shortest Mini-Z's), and to fit "AWD" bodies, the wheelbase needs to be 90mm or 94mm.

The other consideration you need to mind is width. The MR-02 is a "wide" chassis, meaning the front axles are pushed outwards more than the MR-01, MR-015, or AWD. Bodies that fit the MR-01 or 015 or AWD will not fit the MR-02 at all unless they are wide enough physically to accommodate the MR-02 chassis width (which is, typically, a minimum 70mm). So width and wheelbase are your main two factors, you must be able to make your MR-02 fit the given dimensions of the body, or it will not work.

Search the site for body compatibility charts, they exist and will help you in picking a body for your MR-02. ;)

2010.08.15, 09:18 AM
See my signature for a compatibility chart.


2010.08.15, 11:41 AM
If you get a 94mm MM motormount, you can run 94, 98, 102mm by adjusting the t-plate position on the chassis. You can also get an adjustable disc damper, so you dont have to change the damper plate each time you make the switch. On the MR03, I am really liking the 94mm setting with an MM mount. Although the 98 and 102mm work well also.

If you have any questions about a specific body or setup, do not hesitate to ask about it.