View Full Version : 96mm awd setups

2010.08.17, 10:10 AM
Any chance you will be making some parts to allow us to continue to run awd at 96mm with the atomic SAS and new Kyosho DWS.... my car just doesnt feel the same going back to 94mm... thanks in advance for your response...

2010.08.17, 10:12 AM
Junior, there is a chance, I've though about getting SAS adaptors, the only problem is the low demand for the chassis. :(

2010.08.17, 10:16 AM
hopefully with the new awd chassis from kyosho and the new aarm front from pn there wil be enough demand for you to make some parts... i would really like to keep my awd at 96mm ...

2010.08.17, 01:39 PM
Please handle this type of message via PM.