View Full Version : Are you guys meeting this saturday?

2010.08.19, 12:08 AM
I heard from Brandon that last sat didn't happen, so I wanted to check what you guys are planning for this one.

Mike Keely
2012.01.08, 10:56 PM
This Sat. we were going to do a two hour enduro during our week show.

2012.01.11, 10:50 PM
What time is this happening at Remnant? This Saturday?

2012.01.14, 01:14 AM
The Thomas Crew will be at the track at
We will be racing for two HARD hour
Remnant mini-z Racing Track

2012.01.15, 05:21 PM
That was a awesome race 🏁
Remnant Race Track

Mike Keely
2012.01.23, 04:34 PM
Saint is still talking about it!

2012.01.23, 11:18 PM
What do you think about a one hour enduro race
At Iverson Mall on 2-4-12? The two we have had have been
Awesome. See if you can pull some drivers in to
Race 🏁
Remnant Mini-Z Race Track
Poppa Bear Speed Shop
The Thomas Crew: Fisherman, G-Smooth, Carlton and David

Mike Keely
2012.02.01, 06:41 PM
Looking to do a two hour enduro this Sat. at the mall track.

Mike Keely
2012.05.01, 10:05 PM
We are having a free race at Clinton Cycles in MD this Sat. weather permitting.

2012.06.09, 07:13 PM
stopped in for a couple hours of track time today :) always a pleasure to hang out with the guys at remnant.