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Old Crow
2010.08.23, 09:41 AM
Saw the best Mini-z article I've ever seen in a RC Car Magazine this weekend. It was in Radio Race Car International August 2010, I believe it's out of England. Six pages long, did a short history of Mini-z, and then focused on the MR-03. Touched on the Stafford Mini-z racers club and talked a fair amount about HFAY, which I thought was cool. PN Racing was mentioned also for there parts. I can't remember the name of the person who wrote it, Tuffs maybe? He was really trying to get the point across about how Mini-z are misunderstood as "just toys" but are more then that, and are legitimate RC racers. Next month is going to be more of a focus on the AWD. This is just a quick summary of what I got from it in a general sense. The information is basic, nothing new to someone who's been around, I was just encouraged at the amount of information and attention Mini-z were given, and looks like will be given from this publication. I've seen this magazine before, should not be hard to find, if interested.

2010.08.23, 12:15 PM
any chance of a PDF of the article?

Old Crow
2010.08.23, 02:06 PM
Unfortunatly, no. I did not buy the magazine, and there website does not offer anything.

This was the best I could do: http://www.radioracecar.com/issues/?i=4216

They must have just put out the September issue, some of those articals you can view.

2010.08.24, 02:48 AM
The article was written by Mk2kompressor,and the photo's taken at the bleeding edge racing shop :)
The AWD issue is out already over here,an f1 article will be next. :D

2010.08.24, 03:25 AM
saw the link... but can't seem to read any articles...
would appreciate it if anybody can scan and post them... thanks...

2010.08.24, 02:51 PM
If anyone wants a copy of the magazine,PM me,i am willing to purchase it for you and ship it to you too. :) (obviously you have to pay for the mag and shipping)

Old Crow
2010.08.24, 03:11 PM
Thanks for the information. Either we get the magazine later, or the August issue shouldn't have been on the shelf.

2010.08.24, 03:18 PM
It's ahead here,we get the October Edition at the beginning of september.

2010.08.25, 02:34 AM
I've also got a full reveiw on the MRCG and P28 to go in a future issue ;)