View Full Version : How to modify a old futaba 2pl to work with asf on mini-Z

2010.08.23, 12:49 PM
Hi, I have a old futaba 2pl and i need to know if is possible to modify to work with asf on mini-z.


2010.08.24, 02:52 AM
sorry you won't be able to use your 2pl for the asf...

you can however use the following...

kt-18 (pretty simple)

higher end controllers will have to use the tx module for the mini-z
EX-10 Eurus 2.4GHz (Tx/module for Mini-Z) #80402
EX-1 UR 2.4GHz (Tx/module for Mini-Z) #80192
EX-10 Helios 2.4GHz (Tx/module for Mini-Z) #80252

there's a mini z specific controller
ex-5 that doesn't need a module

source : ko propo

there is a module adaptor that will allow you to use the module in other radios like 3pk/4pk and m8/m11

hope this helps...

2010.08.24, 07:16 AM
Thanks Herman

2010.08.24, 09:39 PM
no problemo...

do you have a z? how's the mini-z scene in brazil? can you pls post pics of tracks that you go to?

2010.08.25, 12:22 PM
Hello Herman,
Yes, We have Mini-Zs.
The races with the Mini-Z here in Brazil are well warmed since last year, especially here in sao paulo, when two college friends decided to take a space that was left and built a lead from the start, by themselves, with personal investment. How to run between them became boring by the time they decided to put a message on a forum site some information about the track. Not like in the U.S. but it is already three weekly meetings of lovers of mini-z. As in our country face a huge tax burden of all mini-z here is very expensive and hard to find. For Mini-Z here is considered a toy by modelers but usually buy in or www.egrracing.com www.miracle-mart.com. Earlier this year we did a makeover on track and we changed the floor carpet. It was much better. Well, that's it.
Some cars of some cars from one of our runners


The Track;

My cars


2010.08.25, 01:26 PM
André, thanks for posting a pic of my work desktop with my cars over it... lol

I run with André here in Brazil... I bough a couple of used loaded cars to upgrade our friends cars to 2.4Ghz, once many of them used to race firelaps and iwaver cars.

Now almost everybody is runing 2.4 ASF cars, making races more enjoyable.

I'll post a thread in the tracks subtopic about our track.... But if you guys wanna check how does the cars handles on the track, search for "galpas" in the youtube.



2010.08.25, 03:54 PM
André also has a new (to him) F1 on the way. If it would ever get there. When they say slow mail, they aren't kidding. Hopefully soon.

2010.08.26, 03:09 AM
wow.. great collection, great track... what's the name of your track?

click below and follow instructions to add your track to the
track and (get together) gtg forum (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24126)

i'm pretty sure you will enjoy open wheel f-1 racing... :D

2010.08.26, 03:36 PM
Hi every body!!

I´m Fernando, and I´m one of the guys who built the track. The other one is Rogério.
Our track´s called Galpas in relation of the word Galpão that means hangar.
It´s just begun on 2008 and today we have a lot of new friends and modelers from another escale, like 1:10 for example.
We´re in more or less of 15 people and this number is growing up in 2010.

And I wanna say some about Andre e Doug01n...this guys helped a lot about all things...like help to paint, screw some metals, and sand a lot...ehehe

I really hope that mini-z comes to be a fever here in Brazil, ´cause we just love to run this beatles...eheheh...one day I´ll open another track in another place, to get this model more and more known here.

We´re waitting for your visit here!!! :)

Best, best regards for all!!!

2010.08.26, 10:51 PM
I really hope that mini-z comes to be a fever here in Brazil, ´cause we just love to run this beatles.

funny you mentioned beatles... here's mine from way back in 2002???!!!?... from this thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2257&highlight=martha)

welcome to the forums fernando... looks like you guys have a great track and begining to have a great following... thanks for sharing...

hey moderators, maybe we should get these guys a sub forum for thier track before this thread becomes one... can somebody make this happen? :D

2010.08.27, 03:35 AM
u know sai used to run the beetle on awd and 02 sometimes