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2010.08.23, 05:22 PM
In the process of getting some of the cars back up and

I am running out of the stuff I currently use and was
wondering if grease you get at the hardware store or
automotive places (stuff I may actually have around
the house) can work.

For the dds systems, would any synthetic grease do?
Delrin seems to be a pretty resistant material so most
greases should be fine?

Are there any greases I should stay away from that might
damage the softer plastic of the 02 or 03 arms/knuckles if
I use them on the kingpins?

Any safe grease types recommended for the cvds on an awd
that won't fly off during use lol?


2010.08.24, 06:43 PM
For DDS, most greases will work -- I'd say that specialized greases are "better" but you can make many things "work". Industrial silicone grease has worked for me before, I borrowed some for my MRCG when nothing else was giving me enough damping.

Petroleum-based greases may hurt the stock Kyosho plastic over time, however I have never had the grease on for a long enough time period to actually experience it myself. Your mileage may vary. I think silicone greases are recommended for plastic parts.

Tamiya makes a specialized CVD grease for 1/10 touring cars that seems pretty popular, otherwise I've never actually heard of Mini-Z drivers needing CVD grease. You're one anal mechanic, parts. ;)

2010.08.24, 11:13 PM

Will definitely try some hardware grease now lol. :p

I tend to rebuild only the cars I plan to run, so I'll
stay away from the petrol as I sometimes don't run
certain cars for weeks or months. :o

I have been using 3r hd shafts. I know they came lubed with
some sort of machine oil... When I "clean" them (take rings off
and let them sit in iso or motor spray) I usually use some
form of oil or glidex or whatever I have on hand (can find lol)
to relube them.

I thought maybe grease would protect them more and allow
for less cleans now and then... Though if you guys (who
put your awds through much more pain than I do) don't
grease them I guess I shouldn't bother with grease/lube
either... :)

I try to keep them in good running shape when I can. :)

Definitely some good info thanks.


2010.08.24, 11:34 PM
I put a little oil in the swingshafts. I have had a few bust when I didnt. they still show wear, but much less.

I use a wide variety of grease for different purposes from different companies. Reflex, 3C, Kyosho, ATM... I try to avoid using grease to mask problems on the setup though. I setup the car dry, and when the setup feels right, then I start trying different greases to give me the dampening that I want for the conditions. If I can get away without grease I wont use it, so I dont have to clean it later...

2010.08.25, 12:07 AM
I thought everyone was swearing on Ruby Lube to be one of the best & doesn't gum up or attract dust either! Can anyone say how true this is?

here's that thread:


2010.08.25, 01:38 AM
Ruby Lube is a 3C Designs product. It is normally what I put on my DDS first, and most of the time, the only thing that I use on a DDS. For other purposes, I use different grease.

SAS I prefer the stock ATM grease that comes with the kit for high grip situations. Medium grip it can be too thick, I have had good results with RR clear grease. I usually use the Kyosho yellow or red. Havent tried the PN A-arm yet...

I usually run the 2wd knuckles dry, but if I need a little dampening I will start with Ruby Lube or Jade Jizz, then work my way up. I try to use as little as I need.

2010.08.25, 09:56 AM
i use ruby lube and jade jizz for everything... either one will help you on all different chassis's in all differnt types of track conditions... i always use ruby lube on dds and slide shock aplications... and jade jizz is lube of choice for me on awd... i put some on kingpins of knuckles and also pack some in the spring itseld to act as dampening which eliminates all chatter..