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2010.08.24, 01:21 AM
Some of us here in Singapore got bored of running 94-98mm wide bodies. So recently, we decided to try some of the less popular 90mm narrow bodies with the PN 90mm mount

Here's a short clip of 2 minis on our track.


I am surprised by the way the cars handled. It is easy and fun to drive.
I am hoping that the 90mm narrow bodies craze will happen in our club :D

2010.08.24, 03:15 AM
pretty cool video... thanks for sharing...
mind sharing your set ups too?

you should set up a 90mm high mount class race...
or a mini cooper cup race...

2010.08.24, 07:38 AM
Hi Miketre,
Congratulations on video. We are also starting to like 90mm body here in Brazil and already we are thinking in a category with only small bodies. The car is aloof but very enjoyable to drive. I have a Honda Fit and after he put wide wheels on the back of it was much better. I'm already thinking about a golf R32. Below is a picture of my Fit. Sorry for picture quality it was taken with a cell phone.


Regards, Andre

2010.08.24, 10:50 AM
Hey Herman! I’m more than happy to share my setup. I left the mini at the club, so this is based on memory.
Basically, I set out to lower the car as low as possible and reduced the roll to as little as possible.

This was achieved with;
- Atomic knuckles (PN lowdown knuckles will work too) – all the shims are on top of the knuckles. This lowers the front and gives you more negative camber, which makes the car less twitchy
- Atomic carbonaceous arms. This lowers the front by 0.4mm without changing the camber angle
- Hard springs – atomic hard spring set. I’m using green which is the 3rd hardest simply because the hardest is on my mod car, and the 2nd hardest is lost somewhere
- Atomic 19mm wheels (normal wheels are 20mm)
- PN #6 MM T plate. Today I have changed to Eagle racing medium hardness plate. This is stiffer than the atomic Super Hard SSG T plate and PN #6. Reduced the body roll and traction rolls
- PN 90mm motor mount #MR9094 (mid mount, not high mount). I love this motor mount design. The motor can be moved in 2 axis. If you mount the motor further away from the diff, you will be able to position it lower. Having a small spur gear and pinion helps too
- With the motor mount, there are 3 mounting positions to secure the O damper plate to the motor mount. I used the center hole instead of the shortest one for the purpose of having more damping
- Tyres – not really relevant as it differs from track to track. But anyway, I used Atomic competition 20 in the rear and competition 40 in front. All narrow slicks.
- Atomic stock motor (yellow label). This motor of mine is quite old. The comm is quite thin and the magnets are weak. The power delivery is very linear, unlike a brand new stock motor. The atomic standard motor will be better than a new ATM stock motor.

The car has very little ground clearance. So little that there are black stains on my motor mount from it rubbing against the bumpy parts on the track

2010.08.24, 11:07 AM
Hi Andre! Haha! I started with the Golf R32 since it was 94mm and I did not have the PN 90mm mount a that time. It is easier to drive than the mini due to longer wheelbase.

I tried putting wide rear wheels (atomic -1 offset) on a trueno, Gold R32 and RX-7 FD, but did not like the way my car handled. Instead of working on it, I changed to narrow 19mm wheels, simply because I wanted matching from and rear wheels. The wide ATM wheels of the same design as my front wheels are only available in 20mm.

A small body race category will be fun! Are you thinking of only limiting it to hatchbacks? Or any narrow 90mm bodies?
I think having a ‘Hot Hatch’ category would be fun – Golf R32, Gti, Yaris, Fit, Mini, Lancia Delta

2010.08.24, 10:04 PM
thanks very much for the info... they do say a picture is worth a thousand words tho... :D

the video looked like your cars were on rails... i think the best modification against traction roll is that motor mount... i still have to get one (or two) of those... thanks again

2010.08.25, 02:23 AM
hmm... what was the set up of the other cooper? similar set ups?

2010.08.25, 03:24 AM
It's the same setup. but the blue car was harder to drive as the motor and batteries were more punchy.

The cars were on rails. very responsive but not too twitchy.

I plan to post the setup with accompanying photos on our club's website (http://www.atomiccollective.webs.com/). i'll update this thread when it is done :)

2010.08.26, 09:32 PM
Herman, here you go.




2010.08.30, 08:16 PM
miketre... thanks for the pics...
that's one mean looking chassis...
really loooow...