View Full Version : New Mini Z G55!

2010.08.24, 11:05 AM
After months of looking, I've finally found it! A brand new Kyosho G55 Mini z ready set! It was at a very reasonable price too so I had to buy it.

This came in today:


Here it is, a bit dusty though cause I ran it right away:


Comparison with the escalade, a cloud came by as I was taking the picture and my camera batts were dying so there wasn't a second chance:


I know I know..My camera work is awful. Just wanted to share my mini z. I have more upgrades coming in, and I'll update this thread once they arrive.

2010.08.24, 11:51 AM
Nice bling bling!

2010.08.24, 09:54 PM
nice rides alex... any racers in your collection?

2010.08.25, 05:26 PM
Nice bling bling!


nice rides alex... any racers in your collection?

Thanks Herman, and sorry to say, but no racers in my garage. :( Kinda low on money after buying these overlands and upgrades for them. Hope to have a Mini z Awd soon though! The lancer bodies look sick!

Tried new rims on:


For better or for worse? I'm kinda unsure about them, but they're growing on me. They're also alot bigger than the g55 tires, so should work better for offroading til' my new tires come in. What's your guy's opinion on these? :p