View Full Version : At a loss...

2010.08.24, 03:18 PM
Hey guys, I just wanted to update everyone on our progress (or lack thereof) with our timing issues.

I've spent countless hours attempting to find a solution for the lap counter. I feel I have exhausted every idea, and made little to no progress. I'm actually tempted to say it is worse than ever; cars have to come to almost a dead stop to pick up on the system.

Brent and I built a bridge for the ribbon cable, and mounted large IC tags to the roof of our MR-02, 1/4" away from the bridge, and it was no better than having the loop embedded in the RCP.

I contacted Flipside, and tried all the things they recommended. I tested the lap counter with no other programs running on the system, all unnecessary USB devices unplugged, and even checked the loop from every USB BUS controller.

I've restarted from scratch with the Kyosho CD and re-installed the drivers/software in hopes that something had been corrupted.

So, this is where I stand. If you have any ideas, lets hear them, because I'm happy to try anything.

2010.08.24, 03:31 PM
I am going to stop by this evening with my entire system. We will try and test all hardware and software aspects for an answer. See you about six.

Anyone else that can make it for a little while please do so.