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2010.08.25, 02:25 PM
Last night, Mike, Lee and I took a few hours and got our timing system working. We can run rock-solid on our system with large RFID tags mounted to the bottom of the cars. So far, it has counted every lap. Mike has these tags now -so we can race now- and we are ordering some as well. On Mike's CORE loop, these tags can be run INSIDE the car, so we have talked about using his system as well. Either way, we're up an running.

That said, I would like to throw out a few dates for September racing:

Saturday 9/11/10 @ 9:00 am.

Tuesday 9/21/10 @ 6:30~ish.

2010.08.26, 05:46 AM
Great news! See you then...

2010.08.26, 07:53 PM
What are the big tags? What was the problem?I have not given up I was just busy Tuesday evening and couldn't make it.

2010.08.26, 08:12 PM
The big tags are the standard(business card size) tags used by CORE and flipside. They have the largest area of antennae built in and therfore are pretty near bullet proof. With the kyosho ribbon the tags must be attached to the bottom of the chassis. Tedious but workable. With the CORE loop you can mount the tag inside the body. Still tedious but easier as the tags don't like being bent out of their normal flat shape.

We can get up and running with either system but I am still looking for a cost effective solution to the issue.

2010.08.30, 06:01 PM
GIRO:D. hey guys,i just found out i'm gonna be working in columbia. how far is that from the track? would i just jump on 77? what is start time for tuesday?thanks eric

2010.08.30, 06:04 PM
never mind just saw start time.

2010.09.05, 08:01 AM
I have been checking out the new Losi Rally cars and SCTs and they are quite cool! I told Mark he should set up an extra class for these in addition to the Mini Zs on Saturday the 12th. If you have one... bring 'em out. We could throw down some quick obstacles, stuff under the RCP for jumps, etc...
I will pick one up this week.

See you Saturday for onroad and offroad!

2010.09.05, 08:09 AM
Also, looking at my calendar, Saturday is the 11th, not the 12th. Mark, can you confirm dates, want to make sure I block out the times in the family calendar!

2010.09.05, 10:55 AM
Also, looking at my calendar, Saturday is the 11th, not the 12th. Mark, can you confirm dates, want to make sure I block out the times in the family calendar!

Fixed, my mistake! Thanks.

Yeah, lets get a class of Losi's going too... should be a lot of fun. I'll spread the word around the store.

2010.09.06, 11:28 AM
Got my SCT... looking forward to racing Saturday.

2010.09.09, 11:24 AM
Just want to get it on the board... Mini Z and Losi SCT/Rally racing this Saturday, 9-11!
A somber day of course but we are lucky in this country that we can still have a little fun.

2010.09.09, 03:45 PM
It figures...I gotta work.

2010.09.10, 05:01 PM
It figures...I gotta work.

Dang, sorry to hear that. Well, hopefully next time.

2010.09.10, 06:57 PM
Went by and gave the track a clean-up. Ran my Losi around, they will be fun to race! Too bad you can't come out Nitro! Look forward to seeing everyone else.

2010.09.11, 10:19 PM
Thanks to Brent and Mark for a bit of fun today. While we didn't get many regular Z racers we sparked a lot of interest in the customers who came in for choppers or Traxxas trucks. HT sold at least 1 Mini Z and I don't know how many Losi Rally cars and SCTs. The Losi's were fun to run and I look forward to our next race. We really only did demo runs this weekend. We added some jumps and banks to the track as well as throwing the dots that come with the cars on the track. I think these Losi's will prove popular here.
My own truck was a lot of fun to drive. I replaced the AM board with an 02 board and used the 7.4v Lipo. I rebuilt the shocks with Losi 90w F and 70w R and used some slightly stiffer springs all around. Just need to work on freeing up the drive train.

The Z's drove better after all the track cleaning. Mike M kindly loaned the shop an old, original Core system to use instead of the Kyosho/Core and it worked very well, even in the Losi's!

Hope to see you Tuesday the 21st.

2010.09.13, 09:51 AM
Thank you for all your help, Pedro.

Saturday was fun, despite the small number of drivers. I think we sold five Losi's on Saturday... I've started promoting Losi racing as every Saturday at noon as well. With all the cars we've sold and as hot as the interest is now, it just makes sense to try and run them asap. If we get the interest, great. If not, oh well.

So, back to Mini-Z: Mike M's Core system seems to work great, with the tags mounted inside the car - but you have to make sure they're pretty much flat. If you mount them too far back, they tend to want to take the shape of the windows/roof and deform just enough to cause timing issues. We've found that if you tape them in the hood as far forward as possible, there is no issue. I have Mike's tags available to loan out for races, but we have placed another order with Mouser and should have our own before the next event on 9/21. Hope to see everyone then!

2010.09.13, 10:02 AM
I also think you should promote the Losi class, great to hear you will be racing them every Sat. I hope to make it every Sat.

Looking forward to the Z race Tues the 21st. Will you be racing the Losi class then as well? Hope we can get a few more HS Z racers out that night.

2010.09.13, 02:29 PM
Absolutely. We'll run them on the same days as Mini-Z for sure. I'm hoping the Losi acts as a gateway into Mini-Z for the guys who have a hard time envisioning/justifying the cost.

2010.09.19, 11:13 AM
We ran the 1/24 Losi trucks yesterday on the CORE timing system without a hitch. We've also gotten in our most recent order for large tags from Mouser Electronics, so we can sell tags that actually work. If you want a tag to keep in your tool box, with your name programmed on it (which you can also use for practice any other night of the week) its just $1.99. These will mount inside the body, not on the bottom of the chassis.

Hope to see everyone Tuesday!

2010.09.19, 12:17 PM
Timing system worked great and the SCTs and rally cars were fun to race. Mark, I owe you guys $1.99 cause the tag is still taped in my truck!
Hope some of the 20+ people who have bought trucks so far from this HT can come out to race off road this Tuesday or some weekend, Saturdays starting at 12pm. Bashing in the backyard or running a couple of cars with friends can be fun but nothing beats 6-7 cars on a track with a timing system: going as fast as you can and trying to stay clean, passing and racing side by side, the thrill of competition!

Come join the fun, racing is $5, kids 16 and under are free!

We hope to get the same level of competiton going with the MiniZs at this track as we have at High Speed in nearby Landis. Anyone wanting to get involved in fun, affordable on road racing come check out the racing this Tuesday.

2010.09.19, 02:59 PM
We plan on being there Tuesday.

2010.09.20, 10:38 AM
Don't worry about the tag, Pedro. We're offering them free with the purchase of a race-able vehicle. So, you would have gotten one if we had them in stock when you bought yours.

We plan on being there Tuesday.

Good news, E!

2010.09.20, 10:48 AM
Bonus! See you tomorrow. Hope to see 20+ Losis and a few Zs tomorrow!

2010.09.21, 06:23 AM
Sorry for the absence. But I have been keeping tabs, great news about the tags. I will be there tonight for some much needed track time.

2010.09.21, 11:02 AM
Great news Lee! Look forward to racing tonight at the HT! We should have a reliable timing system and a few Z's. Hope we get a few Losi Rallys and SCTs too!

2010.09.21, 08:35 PM
We just had a test night and the Core system worked flawlessly. The new tags picked up every lap. Look forward to getting together for some racing now. Remember, Losi SCT and Rally racing this Saturday at 12:PM!

2010.09.22, 10:52 AM
Sorry I wasn't there, for those who showed up. I don't have a good excuse, just plain forgot! I had planned to come in around 6pm, and it never crossed my mind until I was laying in bed last night. Hope everyone who showed had a good time, and we'll see you at the next one.

2010.09.22, 11:40 AM
It was just Mike, Lee and myself. We ran quite a few practice laps with the new tags and it worked great. Brent talked to Mike about HT keeping the Core.

Hope you get a few racers on Saturday, I can't make it this time. What is the Z schedule for October?