View Full Version : AWD set-up help please

2010.08.26, 03:44 PM
hi guys im looking for some help setting my car up for my local track (school gym hard wood floor)

this is what im thinkin ....feel free to mock me if im way off the bat

springs - black
pre load - 0.4
droop -0.6
toe - 0*
camber 1.5*
tires - radial 40*

springs - orange
pre load- 0.7
droop - 0.3
toe - 2.5*
camber - 1.5*
tires - v50 10* wide

possibly and enzo or gulf mc-laren body or if you have an idea ...

2010.09.01, 01:09 AM
You're going to want a very soft, very stable car for hardwood racing. If you can get foam tires, that would be best, otherwise silicone tires (Atomic tires OR PN's carpet tires). Normal rubber tires turn to rubbish after collecting the wax and dust that collects on a school gym floor.

If you have an SAS or Kyosho DWS in the rear, stick it on, because you'll want the rear grip and consequent stability. In any case, a good general direction to go in:

Rear tires: foam or silicone, soft as possible, consider traction compound
Front tires: one to two grades harder than the rears
Springs: as soft as you can find, all four corners
Preload: use preload spacers to set ride height -- depends on spring
Droop: maximum, all four corners
Toe: 0 front, 2.5 rear is a good place to start
Camber: 1.5 all around is a bit much, but OK if you don't want PN/Atomic knuckles

Body: Stability is paramount. If you can get your hands on a Ferarri 575GTC that'd do well on hardwood. Longtail McLaren F1 GTR would be one possibility, if you can fit it on the AWD at all. Stay away from light, nimble bodies unless you find you have sufficient traction to hold a good line AND not get unsettled by collisions.

Hardwood racing is a difficult one, everyone's basically fighting for traction... and with weight giving you traction and stability, be prepared to add anywhere from 10-30g of weight to the car just to put sufficient pressure on the tires to get grip. Depending on the floor surface, play around with all narrow tires, all wide tires, or the normal narrow front/wide rear combo, because it's hard to tell what will work sometimes. :)