View Full Version : How well do Mini-Z AWD drift compare to bigger cars

2010.08.30, 09:22 PM
I'm planning to get a proper Drift car after getting the Takara Drift Light package.

Am looking at Kyosho Mini Z AWD chasis the price is pretty high, thus i would like to know how well Mini Z Drifts compare to bigger cars from Tamiya/HPi/Yokomo & even Kyosho itself?

Does it offer the kind of control bigger cars has? And does it drift as good as them?

One reason i'm looking into them is because they are much smaller, and have lower maintenance cost.

2010.09.05, 10:45 PM
Depends on where you're going to be running it. Indoor, you could get away with the Mini-Z. However, if you have any intentions of running outdoors on asphalt, concrete, etc. I'd reccomend going with a larger vehicle. For an inexpensive RTR, I'd go with the HPI E-10:


If you want to build it yourself, get a Tamiya TT-01:


As far as how easy it is... the larger 1:10 scale cars I suggested will be more stable. The Mini-Z as a drift car takes a bit of practice. Or alot.