View Full Version : Spec class race series

2010.08.30, 10:52 PM
I've been thinking. How would everyone feel about having a spec race series next year? My idea is 2 combined all the spec races that we had into 1 race series. Example= 1st race classic car, then van, then 90mm, then megane, then mosler, and so on. Try 2 have a point system 2 go with it. And also try 2 have these races at different location like awesome rc, hobby works, remnant, and my work. So what does everyone think about this idea?

2010.09.13, 08:48 PM
sorry i missed this but yes, i'm interested. i have a mosler, i have a megane, i have a 90mm chassis. :)

2010.09.13, 09:07 PM
Cool arch. I miss the DC race series we used 2 do back in the day. Just trying 2 get something like that started up again.:) Maybe in a bigger scale and scope since there r 3 clubs somewhat near each other.