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2010.09.01, 09:08 PM
Ok guys, I guess this is where we'll start it....

First things first. We need a date. We know the PN Worlds are the weekend of October 31st and the ALS race the prior weekend. That leaves us eight weekends between now and then. I would like to keep it from being the last Saturday of any month, but especially September. I think October is already busy enough and Vicky is excited about the 2 hour sprint race(more to come) we have been talking about. Kinda makes thing tight. Do we wait til early in November?

Tell what you guys think..


What classes do we want to go with. I've heard a lot from our HSH guys they want the usual. GT Stock, LM Stock, and Open F1. Sorry I'm not sure of the new classifciations. Is it GT1, LMP1, and F1 2?

Give us some input HSH guys...

Lets get the ball rolling....

2010.09.01, 10:19 PM
I personally would prefer late november/early december... The past CC, ALS and PNWC worlds eat a lot into my budget... so on that point alone, would make it easier... September is too close to the last CC race... and I think it would be good to have the race near the end of the year.

As for classes, maybe it would be interesting to do a spec body class for one of the classes... Or a 90mm class... I would like AWD, but being that many people dont have AWD, it may not be a good idea.

Wade, just wanted to say that we missed you at the last race...

2010.09.01, 11:03 PM
Yea, It killed me. Especialy only having to work till noon that Saturday..

2010.09.02, 08:59 AM
I agree that November would probably be best so as to spread things out a bit :cool:. How about the Saturday before Thanksgiving, 11/20/2010? Just a thought.

2010.09.14, 07:38 PM
please nothing in dec:(. nov 20th is good:). my opinion on the class's would be gt mod, LM stock and f-1 stock. or gt stock,lm mod or pan stock:p:D. i know you guys love pan cars so much:). i just want a date so i can put it on the calender.

2010.09.14, 09:29 PM
How about an RM porsche cup... Ive always wanted to do that.

Even better... Mod Narrow :) Open chassis (Kyosho Mini-Z) with any motor, F1 stock and GT stock... I do want to run an AWD, but I refuse to put a 70t in one.

2010.09.15, 09:18 AM
I checked my schedule the other day and 11/20/10 works for me too :D. Hopefully everyone can get together and decide on a date soon. I'll bring it up this Thursday so we can get something in stone before it gets too close.

Now for the classes discussion...........................:eek:. I believe that we should always run GT Stock regardless of when or where. The reason being is that GT Stock always gets the most participation in addition to being newcomer friendly. We need to keep this sport and the cup series to where any new guy could jump in and run. Not everyone has or will buy an F1, LM, Pan, or Mod car. And they may not want to invest in a class that isn't ran everywhere else due to budget constraints. From what I've seen, pretty much every club and/or big event always has a Stock GT class. Plus a newbie will probably have a much easier time setting up a Stock GT car.

This would leave us with 2 classes to be the changing variables at every cup race. To keep it interesting, I don't think we should have two classes that are very similar. Such as 2 Pan classes, 2 F1 classes, or 2 LM classes. I like a variety and think it just looks cooler to run very different cars during each race. With that being said, I believe the hosting team should vote and decide what 2 variable classes are going to be ran just as has been done in the past. The only exception to the vote should be if the owner of the hosting track (such as Jim, Vicki, Landon, or Daddy Rabbit) step in and designate the classes. They are the owners and ultimately could trump anything anyone says, but I don't foresee that happening. Now before everyone starts screaming, that's the way it's been at every cup race thus far. The hosting team has decided classes and track layout every time. And, yes, there is a home field advantage........that's just part of it.

Now, everything I've stated here is just my opinion.......not that of anyone else. So, if someone is gonna get their panties in a wad, don't get mad at everyone. Just be mad at me :p. These are just my opinions, not laws or rules. We do, however, need to settle this quickly so that there are no problems or issues in the future. The Cup series is getting big and I love it :cool:. I assure you that I'll be there to run regardless of classes or location :D.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.09.15, 09:25 AM
The 13th or 20th of Nov. would be great for me.
GT Stock, LM Stock and open F-1 sounds good to me.
Good luck and let us know ASAP.

2010.09.15, 09:48 AM
i agree with you james in that the host team needs to set the classes and layout. but i do think we need to run different classes from race to race. from my impressions hsh will have f1 and we will do pan instead. only because hsh runs f1 and not pan and just the opposite with us. i do not want to express my choice in classes as i dont car one way are another, i plan to run what ever anyone decides.

2010.09.15, 10:24 AM
I agree with James and Chad on things :D It is very important for our series, and all of our events outside of this series to have a place for beginners, and GT stock is where that is. It is a staple at every event everywhere, and should be for our series as well.

Also, while I prefer for things to be as variable as possible, and I'd like to run classes we havent run before, the HS crew needs to do what is best for the HS crew. That means you need to chose the classes that will gian the most support. Our club is higly variable, and is willing to try new things out. Therefore, we have the liberty of chosing whatever classes we want to, and we will get local support. If your racers won't do the same, you need to run the classes they will participate in.

As an aside, and going into more detail than I should, I chose the classes at the last two events with both clubs in mind. This last race I didn't run a mod pan, because you guys don't run it, and we do every week. I ran an LM class so that you guys would have cars for it (even though none of us did), but just threw it up as mod to change things up a bit. It would be nice to know that you guys are considering the greater good of the event, and not just running the classes you run every week for convinience.

In the end though, I will run whatever you guys decide.

2010.09.15, 11:09 AM
Im open to whatever classes are chosen... I was just trying to throw ideas out there. I love F1, and it was the primary reason that I came down for the first race :) Whether stock or mod, I have setups for both... Most of my mod setups work well with stock power, as my F40 showed at the last race. I made no changes besides the motor/diff settings.

2010.09.15, 11:28 AM
My vote would be for GT2 (Stock/Handout), LMP1 (Mod) and F2 (Stock/Handout). It is a compromise between what we run every week and what we don't. We all ran LMP1 at the last event so we have the cars and the stock motors in the F1s change that up a bit.

We don't all have "good" Pan bodies, coupled with the short supply of plastic PN bodies and the upcoming lexan version I think there is too much uncertainty and expense to run that class in the next race. We would have to look at the Pan rules any way as now the CC rules allow lexan in Pan mod (DP1) but not Pan stock (DP2), if I am not mistaken.

There have been suggestions of "novelty" classes but once again not many of us have AWD's or the parts to build 90mm cars so I think to maximize participation we should run what most of us have. Personally I would love an AWD class but don't have the extra 350+ bucks for a Kyosho DWS Orange chassis/SAS/PN Front end car. I would though run a Losi Rally/SCT class... just bought one, stuck an old 02 board in it... lots of fun!

2010.09.15, 05:45 PM
well i don't have an AWD and probably won't get one because between me and both boys i have to much invested in them now:D. i don't wanna spend any more money. i wanna try and make it easy as possible with me and the boys.

i've got griffin already asking me to get him a second car. i'm not giving any of mine up:p:D. so when we come up he will race stock. collin i'm gonna have to change one of his cars to 102mm and get a lm body so he can run that class and also stock.

next year if the CC happens i hope we can still run 3 class's but just score your best 2 class's. i want the boys to compete but i don't have enough for them to run 3 class's,just me:p:). in away it's not fair if some wants to compete but you gotta have three different cars. i got burnt from the first race because i did'nt run all 4 class's. my boy LT got me on that one,but i'm still closing in with the points:D. the pressure is on landon and rodney to hold on to it.

i'm not biatching or moaning or groaning,i'm just making a suggestion. i just wanna see the CC get better for everyone and that includes me and the boys:).we are pumped and ready to race.

james,i agree with ya a 100%. i hope both our groups keep growing. i love you man. we should get tazered together,naked:p:D.

pedro, i'm down for those class's. we could ran 1/8th offroad as a class:D

2010.09.15, 08:08 PM
Eric, I may be able to help you out with a car for Griff. When I get home I will go over my stuff and let you know. I may have an MR015, or an 02 that I would be willing to part with. Just let me know if you have equipment for the car (mount/diff, etc), and I will see what I can come up with.

2010.09.15, 08:32 PM

I'd only race against you in 1/8 offroad if you were naked and being tazered by James! I have driven but never raced an offroad 1/8 scale, I am sure they are big fun... big money too though. I don't need a big one to feel like a man!

I like the throw away class idea, I have needed that myself and I was running in them! I think CC2 at HS I should have thrown them all out.

Look forward to showing you my little one.

2010.09.15, 08:59 PM
pedro,if you come early to MB for the worlds we can go to the off road track and i'll let ya burn some fuel:cool:. they are a little pricey but collin got a hook up a few years ago through mugen and a motor guy EBmods. we get a little break with them so its not so bad. i also don't eat for a week if we're gonna race that weekend:p:D.

i do wanna see your little one:D. the losi that is.

mike, the boys caught on to the 03,02 deal. they don't want the 02 car cause its old they said:rolleyes:. i told them they were fine and they said you use it and we can use your 03:(. they are spoiled,they gotta have the best:).

2010.09.15, 11:39 PM
I think we should pick classes out of a hat for the next CC series. Randomly select classes at the end of each race with the stipulation that we always run stock and that the remainding two classes be different body styles from each other.

I think it would be interesting to run a spec 02 class as well, 90mm or something. It would give every body something to do with their old gear at the very least.

2010.09.16, 06:53 AM
I got rid of my 02 stuff, but I'd be cool with a 90mm class, porshce class, mini class, hatch class, RM only, whatever.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.09.16, 09:55 AM
I like the idea about drawing the two extra classes out of a hat for the next CCC Race after every race for next year also. That way no one feels slighted or favored. We can know ahead of time and not have to wait for a decission right before the next race. Great idea.:cool:
How about a Novice (beginers) or a kids class? Because of time restrants maybe with minimum qualifiers and main times.
And Mike if you were not racing so well, maybe in the near future we could have enough to have a seniors class.:D:D:D

2010.09.16, 11:31 AM
Good idea Jay, maybe we should set up a draw at CC4.

We could do a kid's class, especially if Lincoln and Tyler are racing. Anybody seen Robbie lately? It wouldn't add too much time since we are substituting it for a D heat for example anyway.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.09.16, 11:43 AM
I agree, we should draw at CC4 for the classes at the first race of next years challenge. With stock gt being in all races.
Now to figure what classes will be in the hat for drawing, that may be the long discussion.:D:D

2010.09.16, 04:36 PM
Maybe everyone that participated at the event, could write two classes (from the choices selected at the beginning of the season) on seperate pieces of paper... then two papers are drawn, and if they are duplicates, then they draw another. This way, everyone feels that while it is random, their vote is in...

Either case, Im all for GT always being run. And I do like the randomness of the class choice by drawing from a hat. Also, you will know at the end of the previous race what setups to work on for the next event...

2010.09.16, 05:53 PM
That's a good idea Emu, adds a bit individual involvement with the process.

2010.09.16, 06:45 PM
I like it. Its like a randomized majority rules :)

2010.09.16, 10:27 PM
I think that is a good idea as well, the only problem would be if 2 Formula one classes where chosen it would be difficult for most to run both classes.

Maybe the other two classes should be mod only, eliminating stock classes altogether as choices in order to avoid a situation where we end up having to provide 3 hand out motors to each participant.

As much as I would like to see 90mm or mini-class I don't think it should be for points and included in the 3 classes,as participation will probably be minimal. I for one am in for any class, the more the merrier for me. I remember running 5 classes at the Turkey day run and I had a stinking blast!

Maybe we squeeze a mini-class in during a break or breaks 2 four minute quals and an 8 minute main just for kicks for those who are willing to paricipate. It would be cool to see a specific body picked TRP's menage however you spell it or Mini-coopers something you really have to work at driving.

Anyway that is my rant for the day! I am stoked about my run tonight:) at Highspeed didn't win but things were definately working out, thus all the rambling, hope all is well with all that read this.


2010.09.17, 06:13 AM
I think, as Emu stated, that if there is a duplicate in the draw then another draw is done. I think this should be for duplicate body style or F1 chassis class as well... i.e no double stock-mod F1 class, double LM class or double DP class. The only exception might be GT, since we have determined that GT2 is always on the list... should we allow the option of running GT1 since most racers do have more than one GT body? Only two stock classes can be run so in the case of a third stock class being drawn that third class drawn should be run as mod. There is the possibility, of course, to run two mod classes in addition to the one stock GT class.

I like the idea of novelty or exhibition classes but it might be tough to squeeze in with a large turnout of racers if we want to keep events to one day. Should novelty or exhibition classes be allowed to be included in the draw? There should be limits on novelty classes, no one should throw in crawler or a Speed Racer-bodied only classes for example. A Speed Racer class might be entertaining though, I would add a small monkey to mine!

Wish I could have been there last night Jay.

2010.09.17, 07:45 AM
That make sense, I guess I didn't catch the jist of Eugene's post. It was late and the adrenaline was flowing. I think putting a fun class or spec class in the mix would be cool!

I don't think others would agree though, It would just mean having to spend more money on stuff to set up another car.

Maybe one day my dreams of a Mini-Cooper class will materialize. For now I am content with the 8 classes we already have established,:)

2010.09.17, 09:54 AM
After talking with everyone last night, including Jim and Vicki, it looks like Saturday 11/20/2010 will be the date for the next CC event at HSH :D. That date seems to be far enough away from other events and everyone agrees that Dec would be a bad idea for a big race. If there are significant problems with that date, someone please speak up soon since it needs to be in stone asap :).

I agree with Jay and Pedro on drawing the classes for next year. That's a great idea Jay ;). This way no one can claim any favoritism has taken place. I also agree with Pedro on no duplicate classes or three handout motor classes being run. As Pedro said, if they are drawn just redraw.

I like the idea of some novelty classes also, but I'd like to keep them as extra novelty classes only. There's been a lot of work put in by Mike, Landon, and Pedro to designate the different classes and rules set forth already. I would rather see the 90mm, spec, mini, etc classes just stay as fun classes so it won't hurt participation due to a racers funds.

As for the drawing, we could simply take all the classes written on seperate pieces of paper (minus Stock GT since it's always ran) and put them in a box. There would only be one entry paper per class. At the end of the next CC, the host of the next race would draw two classes out of the box. If the 2nd class drawn was a duplicate body style of the first drawn or would require a third handout class, simply put it back in the box and redraw. To keep it mixed up a bit we could also say that once a class is chosen to be run, it doesn't go back in the box until all other classes have been chosen. That may be a little too complicated, but just a thought :D.

2010.09.17, 10:17 AM
the date is good with me. but as far as classes i dont see the need to always run gt2. i see no difference in it and lm2. i would like to see gt1 some as well but not both gt1 and gt2 in the same race. just my thoughts.

2010.09.17, 10:31 AM
I would tend to agree with you Chad, if it where just the same guys running all the time, which is highly likely unless we get some growth in the near future.

I think the importance of having a stock class is a James put it, to encourage newcomer participation. Most necomers will probably have a stock car and nothing else, so unless they purchased another body and motor mount or completely different car they would be unable to participate.

My thouhgts are if you don't have it, get it. Unfortunately, that is not everybodies reality or level of commitment to the sport.

If we didn't have to consider the possiblity of future growth I would whole heartedly agree with you.

However,considering that we should also be interested in future competitors catching the bug, I respectfully cannot agree.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.09.17, 11:12 AM
I think that GT Stock should always be run, and most likely will have the largest group of people, thats my take.

2010.09.17, 11:18 AM
the only thing is most people we try to get into the hobby we push towards a lm ready to run as they are the best out of the box runners. the only other down side to always running gt2 is you only have 2 other classes to pick from. as hsh does not like to run dp cars and choses to run f1. and mbmzr runs dp just to change up the classes. why not instead of picking each class out of a hat, pic the whole race out of a hat. have all classes on a sheet of paper in ever possible config. and pic them out of a hat at the beginning of the season for all known races to be held in that year. that way everyone knows well in advance what classes they need to prep for, no suprises.

2010.09.17, 11:48 AM
I think that GT Stock should always be run, and most likely will have the largest group of people, thats my take.

X2 Daddy Rabbit :)

2010.09.17, 12:06 PM
okay it looks like im the lone one on this. so if we always run gt2 what will the classes at cc4 be? with running gt2 we will have to run either the same classes we just ran at cc3 just flipping dp2 and f2 are the same thing we ran at cc2. the other thing i would put out there is if we always run one class we should add a race and have 4 classes. i just dont want to have to run the same classes every race. if we run 4 classes flip flopping mod and stock in the other 3 that should give us some variety.

2010.09.17, 12:07 PM
as hsh does not like to run dp cars and choses to run f1. and mbmzr runs dp just to change up the classes.

Alright Chad, I was ok with everything except for this statement :rolleyes:. Yes, we choose to run F1 due to us not particularly caring for pan. But, to say that ya'll choose pan just to change it up is a load of crap :eek:! MBMZR has ran a pan class regularly for a long time. And, just as our open F1 cars are usually better than yours, your pan cars usually smoke us :o. I'm speaking collectively of the two groups and not individually. It's ok that in the past both groups have preferred to run classes that they are the best at collectively. It's all good :D. However, our drawing the classes in the future will eliminate all favoritism and any questioning of what the other group would have chosen :cool:. As for GT Stock, I think it's got to be our staple so we can keep the hobby growing. But, that's just my opinion :). We simply don't have enough time or cars to run 4 classes, so that leaves us with two variable classes.

2010.09.17, 12:15 PM
okay it looks like im the lone one on this. so if we always run gt2 what will the classes at cc4 be? with running gt2 we will have to run either the same classes we just ran at cc3 just flipping dp2 and f2 are the same thing we ran at cc2. the other thing i would put out there is if we always run one class we should add a race and have 4 classes. i just dont want to have to run the same classes every race. if we run 4 classes flip flopping mod and stock in the other 3 that should give us some variety.

The only class that will stay the same every time is the Stock GT :D. As I stated earlier, once a class is drawn, it wouldn't go back in the box until all other classes were drawn and ran at an event :cool:. That means every event would be very different. The other thing Pedro and I proposed was no duplicate body styles, so you won't have 2 F1 classes, 2 Pan classes, or 2 LM classes. All this would require is a possible redraw. No big deal ;). The only thing is that there may have to be an exception for GT Mod if we run GT Stock at every event, but that doesn't bother me :).

2010.09.17, 12:17 PM
but why can lm2 not be a staple? as far as us running pan it was due to hsh not wanting to run pan. and i have no problem with this. but if both tracks stick with this schedule we will always run the same thing every other race. me personally i would rather run f1 but if we had it would have been the same as cc2. dont take my post to be anything against hsh as they are not, i just want as much diversity in this series as we can get from both parties.

2010.09.17, 12:19 PM
so will what you proposed get rid of having to run 2 stock classes?

2010.09.17, 12:33 PM
Maybe my thoughts aren't being typed clearly :confused:. The proposed drawing solution will result in the two variable classes being different at every event until all classes are ran. Then you put them all back in the box and start over drawing. The only issue would be not wanting or having enough handout motors for three stock classes. Therefore, the two variable classes drawn could be theoretically either 2 mod classes or a stock and a mod class. If two stock classes are drawn, just throw the 2nd one back in and draw again. If two of the same body type are drawn, once again throw the second one back in and draw again. I'm not sure why you don't think this would add variety. This would ensure that every event is different until all classes were ran :D. The only staple would be Stock GT for earlier reasons stated :).

2010.09.17, 12:36 PM
Keep in mind, we were just making a suggestion :). I'll run whatever and however is decided :D. NO BIGGIE :p!!

2010.09.17, 12:38 PM
Hey, lets make a thread for this discussion and not take away from the topic at hand. This is all great talk, and I want to hear every ones opinions (although we can't do everything every one says), but it does not belong here. People interested in this event do not need to cipher through all of our banter about how to pick what classes.

Ill start a new thread for 2011 Cup Challenge discussion, so we have some where to take it.

2010.09.17, 12:43 PM
I think we should all put together a set of rules the way we want them and have a cage fight!

Whoever remains standing gets to pick the rules no questions asked.

1.No knives, gun or tazers will be allowed (sorry James:mad:)

2.Wooden clubs, bats amd chains will be permitted(clubs and bats will be inspected for spikes or protrusions that could permiate a participants skin).

3.No head shots, no shots between the legs.

2010.09.17, 12:48 PM
Just another quick note.

No bats allowed!

Handout clubs and chains will be provided for $30.00 to ensure fairnsess.

Or maybe we should have classes and the winner of each class could battle out.


Chain 1 = c1
Club 2 = c2

Chain and Club = cc3

2010.09.17, 01:13 PM
Here it is guys. Take the cage fight here!


2010.09.17, 09:32 PM
then what do we talk about on this thread?:p:D

2010.09.17, 11:34 PM
Ok guys a date has been chosen.

Next Cup race will be Saturday November 20th 2010.


2010.09.18, 03:28 PM
well me and the boys should be there friday for some practice. is there gonna be practice friday? is it gonna be 10 bucks a class? i need to get that hotel number again. i'm not pulling the camper up :D.

2010.10.02, 06:06 PM
I see there is now a Carolinas Cup Subforum under Events! We should make sure all future threads are started there from now on. Maybe we can transfer some of these over there? Mike? Arch?

Anyway, I am proud to finally say that after much horse trading, grappling matches, coin tosses, ouji board sessions and senate hearings (we know how those usually turn out these days) we at HS have decided to host the GT2s (Stock) LMP1s (Mod) and F2s (Stock) for the final cup race of the 2010 Season. The 70 Turns should tighten up the F1 field and the open motor LMP1s will be screaming around the track!

I look forward to the race and getting together with our friends from North and South. As we have said before, it is called the Carolinas Cup but everyone from the US and abroad is invited to attend. See you November 20th.

2010.10.02, 10:29 PM
good to hear hsh has decided on the classes we will be running. cant wait to run the final event and take home at least one cup. the other seems to be between rodney, landon and eric. im a few point out of that running, unless my voodoo chant and chicken bone necklace work.

2010.10.03, 11:39 AM
woodoo the voodoo that you do, its a spell ya make me wanna shoop:D. thats a little salt and peppa from back in the day:rolleyes:. mod LM in the bull ring, i love it:cool:. be on your toes gents. its gonna be a epic battle:D.

2010.10.30, 08:08 AM
Just putting this date on the family calendar before my wife schedules something else for me, and noticed that the 20th of November is Mexican Revolution Day. Glad Jay is on our team :cool:

2010.10.30, 01:21 PM
Anyone from md or Nva heading down? What are the classes?

2010.10.30, 07:45 PM
Arch. I will fill you in by email when I get back from the World's

2010.11.07, 12:33 AM
Have classes been decided? I would like to start preparing my cars :)

2010.11.07, 07:45 AM
check out pedros's post on 48,just a few above.

2010.11.07, 08:20 AM
Alright guys, it's getting close! Look forward to racing with all you guys again! Great you can come down EMU! Wade will be setting up the layout the week of the event. We will do a test and tune night Thursday of CC week (for the guys that can't test Friday) with the track open all day Friday. I will make sure we post the schedule soon but it should follow the CC2 schedule pretty closely. I make sure we get a picture of the layout up as soon as possible.

2010.11.07, 11:20 AM
Thanks... I still havent driven my LM car since the last CC race, so I just have to mount some tires and wheels and get it back on track. f2 should be an easy swap of motor and tire adjustment. I am working on my 70t body now, and just have to see how it fares on the track.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.07, 12:50 PM
I will be leaving MB Friday morning early.What time does the track open on Friday? And what time do things start on Saturday? Looking forward to seeing everyone. I may not run F-1, the Mad Mex tore me a new one at the PNWC. Jay, you did a great job with your F-1.
See you guys Friday.

2010.11.07, 01:12 PM
"I may not run F-1, the Mad Mex tore me a new one at the PNWC."

That's rich, I laughed good.

I will post the schedule and times when I confirm with HS. Look forward to racing soon with you Daddy Rabbit!

Emu, I have a great narrow 70t body you can run, and we even let you run the unconventional single kingpin front end on it too...

2010.11.07, 05:09 PM
me and collin will be there when ever the doors open.

do you guys know of any hotels close by? maybe a holiday inn or holiday inn express?

2010.11.07, 05:27 PM
me and collin will be there when ever the doors open.

Will be good to race with you guys again. I think the only races we shared at the PNWC were the F1. And those were crazy. Nobody but Batman himself could really get their car to work. :eek: Jacob just wheeled the hell out of my CC2 car, and was able to get the win. Makes me think... do I run a PNWC winning car, or run my other car. I went from 5 F1 cars entering that race, to leaving with 2 cars. It was brutal.

Pedro... you got me thinking... It looks feasable ;) I have been working on an F40 for this race. New white body, and I have never done as much work to a body as I did last night. I see more work in the future for it though... I think I mounted the side clips too low.

2010.11.07, 06:55 PM
well i guess i will have to make it. not that i would miss it. im just undecided on when i will come up. i know i should come up friday but hate to have to get a room and miss work. we will just have to see.

are we still looking at getting a few other from up north?

2010.11.07, 07:17 PM
Chad, look forward to racing with you again, we have some good battles. Check your email, I need a file from you.

I am sure Mike or James could recommend some hotels. I live out in the Mooresville metropolitan area.

I heard Matt and some others from the VA/DC area might be coming.

2010.11.07, 07:27 PM
If we could get all that plan to attend to confirm with intended classes after this post. I will get Wade to edit his first post with a driver's list. We also plan to give out the nice framed certificates that MBMZR did for CC3 with name and finishing positions in all classes entered. We need the names to get the certificates printed beforehand. Those that just show up may get a certificate with their name written in crayon. We also need to get an idea of how full our schedule will be. Thanks.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.08, 03:44 PM
I will be running LM and F1, I'll see if I can close the gap between me and my buddy Jay. Have you got a time for opening Friday and Saturday?

2010.11.08, 04:09 PM
I will be running all three :) And should have a loaner F1 if needed. I need to order some parts to get the other cars back up and running in optimal form.

2010.11.08, 04:42 PM
I need to order some parts to get the other cars back up and running in optimal form.

You could leave them sub par if you want. It may give me a fighting chance

2010.11.08, 06:11 PM
You could leave them sub par if you want. It may give me a fighting chance

I probably wont have the time, so I may just use the CC2/PNWC winning car instead of trying to work out a new setup :p

2010.11.08, 08:04 PM
i will be running all 3 and collin LM and stock.

pedro, got the goods:).

2010.11.08, 08:07 PM
Great! Fire up ole smokie!

2010.11.08, 09:00 PM
Count me in for all 3, wouldn't have it any other way :eek:!!!!

2010.11.08, 09:02 PM
If James is up for the menage a trois, so am I!

2010.11.08, 10:05 PM
forgot to mention im in for all 3 as well

2010.11.09, 06:20 AM
I'm rolling the dice and running all thrice. Makes me feel all warm and nice.

2010.11.09, 06:24 AM
I'm in for the load

2010.11.09, 11:30 AM
I have attached a preliminary schedule for the day, based on CC2, we can adjust according to participation. There is plenty of time between heats, resorts, lunch and we also have a "New Racers" class. Stock GT2 and LMP2 cars are legal for this class. Cost is $5.00 and a handout motor is not required, either a PN 70T or Kyosho Stock motor can be used. Racers in this no age limit class should be NEW racers, it will be at the Race Director's discretion who is deemed "NEW". Racers perceived a bit too speedy will be placed in the regular GT2 or LMP1 (mod motor) classes.

I will post a Friday practice schedule soon, I have to confirm track hours.

I will also post final rules soon. Pretty much the same as the CC 2 and 3 rules with the main changes being the restriction to hard bodies only (no lexan) in the LM class and the allowance of regular wheels and tires (LM tires of course may be used) in the LMP1 mod class. We want to discourage the use of PN lexan pan bodies in this class, lexan will be legal for the pan "Can Am" classes next season. Not too many racers want to be stuck with 102mm wheelbase lexan PN bodies.

2010.11.09, 09:05 PM
As of right now I'm in for all three even though its against my own rules.:rolleyes:

I'm glad you mentioned that lexan will not be allowed, I was going to cut the one I have out tonight.:p On that note, I do have a question, the wing broke off my C9 body and I have been using a lexan one mounted on the rear deck. Is this going to be legal? I would glue it back on but the entire post broke so its not going to be very sturdy.


2010.11.09, 09:12 PM
Reflex Racing is on board and will be sending a nice selection of prizes. tinyRC has sent a Kyosho ReadySet to be donated to a lucky new or young racer! We encourage all 1/28th scale MiniZ racers and those that just want to see what it's all about to attend, this race isn't just for the experienced.

2010.11.09, 09:28 PM
Matt, since Kyosho doesn't sell these wings alone we will be allowing aftermarket or wings from other bodies as long as they are mounted no higher than the uppermost part of the roof and within the confines of the body - no part of the wing may be behind the rear most part of the main body nor wider than the widest part of the body. Of course the wings original to the body and mounted in the original location are excluded from this rule. This wing rule also applies to the GT class. The Reflex wing fits easily within this rule.

I will attempt to get the rest of the rules up soon... nothing too out of the ordinary though.

Also to confirm, minimum weights are:
175g w/transponder GT2
200g w/transponder F2
unlimited LMP1.

Oh, as a reminder, LMP1 is limited to 102mm wheelbase.

Please post any questions and I will answer or get an answer as quickly as possible, thanks.

We hope to have a copy of next year's Carolinas Cup rules available for review at CC4. The aforementioned wing rule is one of them, just phasing it in early.

2010.11.09, 10:18 PM
Please see the Carolina Cup 4 Info thread for a condensed view of the event:

2010.11.10, 10:02 PM
Need to get Connor added to drivers list..

2010.11.10, 10:05 PM
Probley need to add Arron for all three and I think Bradly and Rusty will be in for stock..

2010.11.10, 10:14 PM
What time is practice going to end on Friday?

2010.11.11, 06:02 AM
Fifteen minutes prior to your plane landing assuming it is on time.

2010.11.11, 09:09 PM
what time can we start practice on friday?

2010.11.11, 09:50 PM
Eric, normal shop hours are from 12PM to 7PM. We will see if Jim and Vicki will extend these hours, either earlier or later.

2010.11.11, 10:05 PM
i prefer later if at all possible, i dont plan to be there until 2-3 at the earliest

2010.11.12, 06:29 AM
keep us posted. if they open at 12,i can sleep in a bit:D. if they open earlier,i will be up early and ready to go:).

2010.11.12, 01:06 PM
Throw Kyler down for the Newbie class :cool:. He said he's gonna kick some Newbie butt and doesn't care if it's on the track or in the parking lot :eek:!!!

2010.11.12, 02:58 PM
Bring your little table again will you. It works so well for the timing table

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.12, 03:46 PM
You are always up early and rolling, did you go by the CFI track today?

2010.11.12, 08:18 PM
Andy, are you ready to help me with "tech"? How about El Amigo?

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.13, 02:57 AM
I will be glad to help, we will see you at the track Friday, if you are there.

2010.11.13, 07:23 AM
daddy rabbit,i went down and we hit some 6.1 and 6.2's. i did break into a 5.9 one time:cool:.

mike are you asking me to bring the table or james? if it's me the table is at the plex. andy or landon might be able to get it?

2010.11.13, 07:30 AM
Eric, is Griffen coming?

2010.11.13, 08:58 AM
Eric. it's you. That is a good table for the Giro. Since it is making the trip again then so should the table. We will make sure it goes home with you this time without a side trip to New Jersey.

Check your emails as well.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.13, 12:50 PM
Help me out here guys, I know it is on here some where but are there any restrictions on the wheels and tires for the LM Mod class?

2010.11.13, 02:28 PM
pedro,i hate to say it but griffin is not coming:(. he said he did'nt want to go.i wish he was but thats one less car i gotta work on.

the f-1 started out good for about 10 laps and started glitching again:mad:. i even ran a 70turn. the work looks awesome,thanks for that. i don't know what else to do:confused:. only thing i can think of is,the front toe bar is metal and the metal frnt knuckles. maybe they are rubbing together and make it glitches? it only happens when i am on power on short straights and long ones.


andy, do you have room for the little table that is at the plex? I ment to get the lap counting system from LT to take up early.

2010.11.13, 03:33 PM
Andy, look on the info thread but no LMP1 is not limited to LM tires or wheels. Eric, I'll call you.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.13, 03:57 PM
Pedro, thanks.
Eric, we will make it work, I did not realize we were taking the lap counter.
I guess Landon worked that out with someone, are we taking the computer also? If so I think we can still fit all in my car. I do not know what Landon is doing yet, if he drives he will be taking everything and I will be driving the fun car.:)

2010.11.13, 04:46 PM
landon and i may be going together on friday. leaving at 12noon. i will be bringing my laptop to use as well.

2010.11.13, 05:24 PM
Andy. Landon is supposed to be bringing the hardware for the lap counter. We have a new CPU to load everything into but will need a moniter. Check with the bunny to see where everything is.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.11.13, 05:34 PM
I am sure he has got it together,:) he just does not tell me much,;) that's because I am a micro manager.;) Chad, do you have room for the small table?I guess that means I can drive the fun car.:D

2010.11.13, 10:31 PM
i'll have to check with landon to see how we are going up. but im sure we would be able to fit it in what ever we take.

mike does this mean i do not need to bring my laptop?

2010.11.13, 10:42 PM
Chad it would probably be a good idea to bring your laptop just in case. That way we have a computer there that will definitely work :).

2010.11.14, 07:26 AM
Chad. I agree with James on this one. We want to get a CPU loaded with everything so at the very least there is a back up unit to move around in case of unforseen issues. It is always good to have a plan "B"

2010.11.15, 07:03 PM
We have changed the name of the New Racer class to Sportsman, to better reflect the aim of the class. Maybe you haven't raced a large event before or are looking for a class with less pressure than the regular classes. This class is economical, $5.00 rather than $15.00, and the Sportsman get the same time on the track as well as the same opportunity as the regular class runners to win the great giveaways from our sponsors. Also remember, bring your kids, wife, girlfriend, buddy or grandpa too as we will be giving away a Kyosho Readyset to a spectator!

2010.11.15, 07:43 PM
if im watching between runs does that make me eligible for the spectator prize?

2010.11.16, 06:06 AM
Chad: we want to spread the love... you have enough love already!

All: I have attached a new schedule to the first post on the INFO thread, start time for the first Sportsman Qualifier is now 10:00AM. This will give us more time to get motors handed out and some extra practice time for those coming for Saturday only. There is plenty of time between heats, 5 minutes, which can be trimmed when possible... we should still make the 7:30 end of event time even with the very positive expected attendance. We ask everyone to please be ready for their heat and for marshalls to be in place promptly so we can maintain a tight schedule.