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2010.09.01, 09:41 PM
Alright guys...

Vicky and I have been throwing this idea around for a few years now. Several years ago we ran a 45min. One driver, no crew, non stop, wide open race.

Well, we want to do a 2 hour event. Same deal. One driver, no crew, non stop, wide open. Better get your rest. We want to do this on a Saturday. Track opens for practice 9am in the morning. Open qualifing from 10:30 to 11:30. 10min. last chance qualifier at 11:50. Lunch and then the 2 hour sprint race starts at 1:00pm.

The idea is to start 17 or so cars. The top 15 qualify on time and then the final two spots from the LCQ. Yup, you heard me 17 cars on one track for 2 hours. Now of course we wont be running a set up quite as tight as our current track layout. We would like to run our AMB system, I belive we have enough trasnponders and hook ups to help everyone out. We would love to pull a few MBMZR and some other racers in. This could be a lot of fun.

This will be a stock 70 turn GT2 event.

Maybe do a $5 qualifing charge and then $10 for those who make the show. We have some younger guys who would marshall for a small tip or fee. Plus I'm sure we'll have some non qualifiers hanging around to watch the action.

Give me some input tell me what you think..


2010.09.02, 11:52 AM
im game. just let me know when

2010.09.07, 07:35 AM
Looks like the date is going to be Saturday, September 18. I know thats less than two weeks away. The only other option would be early in October, but there's already a lot of racing going on that month.

Whos in?

2010.09.07, 07:46 AM
Wade, I'd love to make it, but don't know how much racing Ill be able to get in between now and the PN race. We just had a new baby, and I don't know how long it'll be before I can leave Sarah with double trouble :D

That does seem like a lot of cars for any track that would fit into HS. Are y'all doing it at the shop? Is qualifying done by hotlap? Is qualifying going to have a limit on the amount of cars on the track at any given time?

Sounds really fun!

2010.09.13, 10:17 AM
Ok guys little change in race date...

Moving the race back to October 2. This coming weekend won't work for shop staffing.

Who's in...


2010.09.13, 10:33 AM
Good for me...

2010.09.13, 11:27 AM
this date works better for me also. i should be able to make this no problem

2010.09.17, 11:37 PM
Sorry guys, Due to scheduling problems this event will be Saturday November 9, 2010. Sorry to keep changing everytning. This date should be final..


2010.09.18, 07:47 AM
now its getting kinda close to the pnwc and cc4 for me. i may have to pass on this date, but we will have to see.

just noticed november 9th is a tuesday. is this date correct? im hoping you meant october 9th as it is a saturday.

2010.09.18, 12:13 PM

I'm losing my mind! October 9, 2010..

Sorry about that. At least I know Chad paying attention.....


2010.09.28, 08:37 PM
so how are you gonna get the top 17 guys?would you just go by the hot lap of each driver? do you qualify with everybody on the track at the same time? i would probably bring collin with me if i come. if he does not make the top 17 would he be out for the 2 hours? hell,i might not make the top 17:(.

any idea what time it might be done? thanks

2010.09.29, 12:30 AM
Eric, it will be open track qualifying. Fastest time on down. We should be done and out of there by 3pm..
Depending on turn out might shorten qualifying to a half hour and start racing*at 12:30. I might be wrong, but I'm not sure we'll have 15 drivers.


2010.09.29, 06:44 PM
sounds good wade. i said something to the wife and her reaction was, so your gonna miss your sons football game:(.after that it was, are'nt you going there in november:eek:. it's gonna be a last minute dession:confused:. im gonna do my best,don't hate me if i can't:D. if i do make it,i should be there around 10ish. i need to practice a little.:). have you guys been running the layout for a while?

2010.09.29, 06:53 PM
Come on big guy! You going to let your wife push you around like that. Have you wife video the game and watch together as a family when you get back.

As far as the lay out goes, well you just have to find out when you get here!

2010.09.29, 07:06 PM
i think i still have the plugs that wade let me hold on to for the transponders. can some one hook me up with a transponder?

jay,i'm not worried about the wife.i,m worried about my little guy.i feel bad for him cause i would miss his game:(:D. trust me,im gonna do my best:).

2010.09.29, 08:58 PM
You know I got ya covered big guy..

2010.09.29, 09:34 PM
I only have four transponders, I can probably spare one or two, mine have giro z connects.

I know what you mean, the reality is racing isn't everything. For us family guy's, family first.

That's why I have encouraged my kids not to participate in any extracuricular activities, because I know how much my Mini-z family needs me.

I would encourage you to do the same.

2010.10.01, 08:22 AM
if i come up there you guys are just gonna gang up on me:D.

jay,im gonna do my best buddy.

2010.10.08, 05:41 PM
Eric and Chad are you guys coming tommorrow? It should be fun!

Just wondering wether or not to bring the big guns out:eek:.

2010.10.09, 05:32 PM
Well for all who missed it, you missed out on a super great afternoon of racing!

Thanks to Wade, Vicki and Jim for putting everything together. There was super fast racing, super cool trophies and super great free pizza!

Who ever thought 2 hours of continuous racing could be so fun, I think we could be on to something!

See you at Highspeed, the best indoor racing facility in NORTH CAROLINA!

2010.10.12, 07:30 PM
how about some results?

2010.10.12, 10:40 PM
Not that the official results would be any different. if there are such a thing. I might as well post them since it does not appear anyone else is.

So here it is:

Rodney Combs 1st place 709 laps
Jay Vasquez 2nd place 709 laps
Wade Smith 3rd place not sure how many laps

Not exactly sure how the rest of the race turned out, it was a real good time none the less. Hope every one can make it out for the next race!

2010.10.13, 06:53 AM
now thats 2 hours of close racing. was it that close the whole race? how many ended up running?

2010.10.13, 09:03 AM
I think things where pretty close most of the race. Rodney would get up about five laps or so part of the race. My saving grace is that I could pit in about half the time that he did. Maybe even faster. He also had some car problems in the last 2 minutes of the race that didn't help him any, I think I was about 4 or 5 laps down with 2 minutes to go. Oh well such is life:rolleyes:.

We had a total of seven racers all skill levels, so traffic was definately interesting. I hate that you guys missed it! It was alot of fun, it is definately a whole other racing experience. Hope to see you guys at the next one.

2010.10.13, 09:06 AM
im for sure going to try to make it to as many special races hsh have from now on. just try to make them start a little later, as that helps with not having to get a hotel room. it makes for a long day but allows me to not miss work.

2010.10.13, 10:27 AM
This format definately lends for starting late. I think the actual racing started at one and was over at 3. So 2 solid hours of racing no wasted time between heats and what not.

You could have been back on the rode by 3:45 and on your way home. This format limits the amount of classes but not the amount of fun!

In my opinion it is a great way to have a race with out losing a whole day. It is probably one of the best practice sessions I have ever had.

I am definately an advocate of the 2 hour race, I hope we do it again soon!

2010.10.13, 11:25 AM
I am definately an advocate of the 2 hour race, I hope we do it again soon!

just wait LT has something thats going to be awsome up his sleeve for first of the year.

2011.09.07, 08:01 PM
this sounds great. :D As long as I don't have to work, I'm there.

2011.09.07, 08:30 PM
ill be there


2011.09.12, 11:55 PM
OK, Looks like there's some confusion. This was last year, but if we can get some interest rolling we will do it again as one of our Saturday races. Same concept as before.

Two hour one man show. Limit it to 15 drivers. 10 on time and 5 racing there way in. Yep, that's right 15 cars all at one time, two hours wide open. Qualifying will be done in a one hour session. the quickest 10 are in on time. The remaining drivers will be evenly split, no more than five drivers per heat to run two 5 min. heats each. The top five drivers from the heats by time will be in. $5 to enter for qualifying, then an additional $5 for each driver making the main. I will try to get marshalls together for the main.

Who's interested?

2011.09.13, 09:24 AM
i am in sounds like fun


2012.02.21, 12:23 PM
Hey guys there's been some talk of giving this race format another try. Who would be intrested. Any of you guys from the beach intrested. Maybe shooting for the 3rd Saturday of March.

Let me know,

2012.02.21, 12:28 PM
im in u know me

2012.02.21, 04:30 PM
We have been talking about doing something like this for the 3rd of March. I think we will. If you guys want to do this on the third weekend, we could probably muster up a few travelers. It really just depends on the class structure though, and every ones schedule. I will talk to every one at our club race tomorrow, but I think most of the people interested in traveling would have a 70t GT car. I know a couple of guys only have LM box stock cars that they would gladly run with a 70t, but I don't know if that would be bending the GT2 rules too far. I will get more info tomorrow and post back here.

2012.02.21, 06:27 PM
i would be game for making the trip up. it would be real nice if it was late enough that we could drive up that morning and have time for a little practice. with it only being 2 hours it shouldn't be a problem to get home that night. the only day i know i can't make it would be the 17th, which is the third saturday.

2012.02.21, 09:34 PM
as long as it is the 17th i am pretty sure i will be there. i am off. i will try and get my wife to make the trip as well and get my brother (joey who i think one of yall met) to come out and race as well. i hate we missed the maryland race but the MBMZR family needed to be here (yea i know im a big sap ball) lol i look forward to it. i think maybe it should be a little longer and maybe a 2 man team race would be cool.

2012.02.26, 07:42 PM
did y'all ever come up with a for sure date. the sooner i know the better shot i have at making it.

2012.02.26, 10:40 PM
I'll have details up tomorrow evening..