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2010.09.04, 12:00 AM
FYI, I may bring this to the next AA GTG.

Derek said he was interested in buying my Logitech G25 off of me. After playing it again last (w/ GTR2 on my PC laptop) I'm not sure if I want to sell it anymore :eek::D. Either way I'll try to bring it (the Logitech G25, and my laptop w/ GTR2).

It's my new strategy - get everyone distracted so I can win the Mini-Z race :D



2010.09.04, 12:27 PM
neat. i had the same model laptop and it was my most reliable laptop ever. i gave it to my youngest brother for hs graduation gift and he promptly beat it to hell.

2010.09.04, 04:13 PM
I have the E1705, with Nvidia GF 6900GS video card. I wanted it for gaming, but the thing overheats and starts artifacting when I play games :rolleyes: They only used one heatpipe on the card, when they should have used two. It has been a very reliable machine, but recently the battery has very little life left (15-20 minutes). Im trying to decide whether I want to throw a couple hundred into this, or get a netbook for a more portable solution.

How do you like the G25? I grew up with Logitech wheels :) I think I had every one they made until the G25 came out and I was so wrapped up in RC, that I wasnt gaming much. Recently I got the Fanatec Porsche Turbo-S wheel. Which I can use for Xbox, PC and PS3. I dont think it is as good of a wheel as the G25, but I havent used the G25 yet. The shifter quality looks superb. The fanatec's shifter leaves more to be desired.


I now use games for practicing my skills... throttle control is a major part to work on. Taking turns with more throttle than you need, hurts more than helps, and it applies to the games and RC...

2010.09.04, 09:27 PM
This Dell laptop (it's my work one) has been pretty good (power adapter died recently but work got me a new one).

I absolutely love the Logitech G25 (quality is awesome imho - very solid). Same goes for GTR2 on the PC. It is so close to real (vs an "arcade" racing game). If I wasn't married with kids, I'd probably be practicing racing and tweaking race setups in GTR2 all week and racing in online racing leagues on weekends. And if I did I'd probably also get TrackIR (http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/) which GTR2 supports :D

EMU, what kind of race stand is that and how do you like it? Looks very similar to the Wheel Stand Pro (http://www.wheelstandpro.com/). Do you have issues with your leg hitting the middle pole (e.g. when hitting the brake pedal with your right foot)?


2010.09.04, 09:49 PM
EMU, what kind of race stand is that and how do you like it? Looks very similar to the Wheel Stand Pro (http://www.wheelstandpro.com/). Do you have issues with your leg hitting the middle pole (e.g. when hitting the brake pedal with your right foot)?

I did some quick searches and it looks like it is the Rennsport Wheel Stand (http://www.simhq.com/_technology2/technology_087d.html).

Reading that review I would guess your Fanatec Porsche Racing Wheel with Clubsport Pedals is on par with (maybe even better than?) the Logitech G25 (and G27).


2010.09.05, 11:53 AM
My buddy had both, and said the feel of the wheel is better in the G25... but the Fantac isnt 'bad'... just not as good. For a $300 wheel, and the only multiplatform wheel, your pretty much stuck with it. Its loads better than Micro$ofts offering, and Logitechs joke of a controller designed to act like a wheel... I had both, and the FF was a joke. No feel for the road, and if you rub a curb the wheel goes nuts... lol.

Yout have to kind of work around the pole, my problem is that the knob hits the seat of the chair...

2010.09.10, 04:01 PM
Logitech Driving Force Pro here (Gran Turisimo 4 bundled wheel) and it works fine for DiRT 2 and GRID on PC, GT 2,3,4 on PS2. I'll have to check out GTR2 :)

Also, if you can't sell your G25 but want to, I have a friend who might still be looking for one.

2010.09.11, 01:59 AM
The Logitech wheels work on PS and PC. I have owned many of their wheels, and loved the original MOMO wheel, but didnt like the pedals. I switched for the Act Labs performance pedals, with their GPL USB shifter, and I fell in love with clutching and using a gated shifter instead of the up/down that is common on most lower end wheels. I had a few computers networked in my room as a teenager, my brothers/friends would race. I didnt necessarily buy the top dollar wheels, but I got them at good deals and made the most out of them. I loved the old Wingman with the red rubber grip. That was belt driven, and smoother than the gear driven wheels which rattle a bit too much and have a little more jarring effect on the hands since there is a little more play on the gears than the belt drives.

Sony uses similar Force Feedback coding as computers do. MS doesnt, and the two companies wouldnt agree to license a wheel that was compatable with both systems. MS had the best (and only) wheel available for their system. Logitech originally made a wheel, the Drive FX, which was essentially a game controller, that took the shape of a wheel. There were no true FF effects, but vibration translation feedback which simulated FF. The MS wheel has FF, but it has too much slop on the axle, and isnt very smooth. Fanatec had a good thing going with its Porsche racing wheels for PC and PS3. It wasnt the best wheel on the market, but for its price, and functionality, it was pretty good. They managed to make a deal with Sony and MS to produce one wheel that functions with PS3, PC and Xbox360, but were restricted to I think 1000 units. To race on the Xbox 360, this is really the only wheel to get unless you want to modify the internals of the MS wheel on the externals of a better wheel.

The clubsport pedals are amazing. The adjustability that they permit, allow you to control how the pedals travel. With different angles for the arms to the pedal plates, and the plates can also be moved left right up and down to place the plate exactly where it needs to be. You can also adjust the dampers for the brake, to give some pressure, and smoothen the application.

BTW, that setup in the pic is my brothers (roomate). I have my Fanatec wheel fixed to my desk, but dont have the clubsport pedals. But the stock ones work fine for me. I dont really need the best equipment, but I have certain minimum standards. Since I primarily race on Xbox now, I needed something that worked better than the MS wheel which had a lot of deadzone and if you lower it, the wheel doesnt center fully straight, and the car turns one direction (also have that problem with the Logi Drive FX).