View Full Version : multi option rear suspension

2010.09.05, 03:41 PM
Ordered it nearly a month ago, any word if they got thru customs yet?

2010.09.05, 06:02 PM
From what I have heard, they are working as hard as they can to get the parts to us :) I really want them too...

2010.09.05, 07:45 PM
The mail REALLY is giving them a screwing on this for this long.:confused::eek:

2010.09.05, 08:33 PM
That sucks, but I am patient.:)

2010.09.05, 09:27 PM
I do have some news though!!! I got in contact with a customs broker on Friday. For whatever reason, as they were not able to give me one, the package got help up. We are in the process of working with a customs broker and we should have the package on the way to us by no later than Wednesday. I am so sorry about the delay, but I can assure that it will not happen again as we have switched carriers. The upper arm mounts and all the rest of the goodies should get to us by the end of next week.

2010.09.15, 06:58 PM
Ohhh please mr postman , bring me my suspension soooonnnn!!! :)

2010.09.17, 07:16 PM
Its here , ITS HERE!!! It is SWEET!!!