View Full Version : recent Core transmission issues?

2010.09.06, 02:32 PM

Ive had a Core system for about 2 years now with no major issues. It has run flawlessly albeit a bit basically since Im too computer stupid to update files with new photos and the like.:D

Anyhow, our last race session my Core tags were having trouble registering over the loop and was wondering one of two things:

1. Is it a possible hardware issue (the loop itself) or a software issue I might be able to resolve with a reboot of the actual program (delete and reload via disc)

2. Is there possibly something on my MR03 that may interfere with data transfer? I ask because I've made a recent change to my exterior body securing method in that I've used a DDS post and a 2mm screw to secure the top of the chassis centrally to the shell. Do you think this new addition could be a source of interference since my car was the most consistent tag failure?

My thanks to anyone who might be able to impart some info...;)

2010.09.07, 08:30 AM
Have you moved the location of the timing loop? Usually when we have problems itís because of the location on the floor. Try moving the loop to a different spot, event 1 tile can make a big difference as you donít know what is in the floor.

I doubt that your mounting position has anything to do with it.

To trouble shoot the core program, you should load the flipside racing software and test it with that. Unless you need the race management of the core I would suggest you use Flipside timing anyways. I bet youíd like it compared to core.

2010.09.07, 09:11 AM
I have noticed issues with the generic tags when placed in close proximity with the batteries and any and all aluminum and C/F bits. The CORE system never worked very well with anything metallic or chrome.

2010.09.07, 02:53 PM
i doubt he's using generic transponder as he seems to be running the core software.

we also can't expect the generics to work flawlessly with core either. thats a bit unfair as it was not sold with generics, nor ever clarifed to be compatible with generics to begin with. the use of generic transponders is a modification to the stock system thus any troubleshooting would be ours, not core's problem.

Mike Keely
2010.09.20, 10:38 PM
Our Core lap counting box went bad this last weekend. Not positive that we will get this months race in or not. Arch is trying to help us out. Any ideas on getting the boxes repaired? How long for a repair and how much? Do they fix them in the USA? Can you buy new ones?

2010.09.20, 10:44 PM
1. yes, they will do repairs if parts are available.
2. no idea how long it would take. there is a 1 week lead time for new parts i'm told.
3. no idea what the cost is, i never sent mine in for repairs, just gave it away.
4. corespeedway is a usa owned however i do not know if manufactured in the u.s. or contracted out as nearly everything electronic is.
5. yes, you can buy new ones. they can be made in small orders with a likely 2 week lead time. you can reach Michael (Core Speedway [coreanalog@gmail.com]) by email.

Mike Keely
2010.09.21, 07:35 PM
Thanks for letting us try your Kyosho box. We would need to know the tag numbers to be able to use it. It does not have a scan option. We are going to borrow HobbyWorks core now for this Thursdays race and get it back to them on the weekend. How do you want me to get it back to you? I can bring it to our next BTE race?

2010.09.21, 09:00 PM
use flipside, not the kyo software.

Mike Keely
2010.09.21, 10:11 PM
I did. No luck.