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Mrs Mini-Z
2010.09.07, 06:27 AM
This month we want to know what type of Mini-Z chassis do you race with? Are you loyal to your first love, or is it a case of out with the old, in with the new? :D Let us know what is your go-to when your Z hits the track!

2010.09.07, 08:39 AM
I run the mr02 because it is very reliable and stable

2010.09.07, 09:28 AM
I run mostly my MR03 and "old" MR02.
But I also race with my Formula one chassis and overland.

I used to race an AWD, but I'm not really using it at this time...

2010.09.07, 10:00 AM
I mostly race with MR03 for 2wd racing. I use MR02 for certain cars, it cant be ruled out. I am planning to revive an 015 chassis as well. Its been a while since I have driven one, and I miss it... Theres something about the way that it rolls in and drives out of the corner that I really like.

My class of focus is the Formula One chassis, any time that is run at a race/event, Im in it :)

We just started running an AWD Rally class at one of the local tracks, so I was able to bring them out after months of not being used. It came at a perfect time with new parts being released for the chassis by Kyosho (DWS) and PN (A-Arm).

2010.09.07, 10:08 AM
03s and F1 for me. I'd like to get back into the AWD game, but Im going to keep laying back and focusing on 2wd until I see some real participation with the platform. The new set ups look great, but its a lot of time and money to put into, when the future of the class is clouded.

2010.09.07, 10:11 AM
mostly the MR-03, but i also have an AWD, overland and an MR-02. the overland and MR-02 are AM boards , so they don't get used as mush anymore

2010.09.07, 11:18 AM
I never had an mr-01 but I have had everything else and given the opportunity I will race them all....I have them all 2.4 and they are ready for racing......

Is the Dnano considered a mini z chassis? Because if it is Ill race that too...:cool:

2010.09.07, 11:22 AM
amen to that george i agree all minizs are what we racers prefer

2010.09.07, 09:01 PM
Just sold my old MR-01. I have an old MR-02 and AWD that we put together from spare parts for my 2 sons to play around with.

For racing I have an MA-010 AWD (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33389), MR-02 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34757&p=391496), and F1 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33702) all in 2.4Ghz.

I'm looking to get an MR-03 when my funds meet my desire.

I'm willing to race anything Mini-Z size (and smaller?) that everyone else in our club is willing to race.


Mrs Mini-Z
2010.09.30, 01:35 PM
Last chance to vote for the September Forum Poll! :)