View Full Version : Kyosho motors: X-Speed ASF vs. X-Speed V

2010.09.11, 06:42 PM
Just curious what are the pros & cons between these 2 motors: X-Speed ASF motor versus the X-Speed V-motor.

I know that the X-Speed V-motor is probably more intended for the AWD so I expect that it has more torque. But what do you guys think?

Also, what would you guys recommend for gear ratios when using either motor.

Thanks in advance :)

2010.09.12, 10:50 AM
I think that they are the same motors, just wired up differently. So the wiring is the only difference... Although I could be mistaken.

I have the X-Speed AWD with a 17/29 combo. I had a 19/27 combination before, but it was too much top speed and not enough grunt out of the corner. With the 17/29, it is very similar in speed to a 2wd with 70t, it just has a little more power out of the corner.

If you are racing on a PN layout, you may want to try a 19/29. Although monitor the heat of the motor, if it gets very hot, lower to a 17/29.

2010.09.12, 10:01 PM
With the 17/29, it is very similar in speed to a 2wd with 70t, it just has a little more power out of the corner.

What do you mean that the X-Speed AWD with 17/29 has similar speed with a 2WD with 70T? What gear ratio (pinion & tooth combination) for the 2WD with 70T?

2010.09.13, 02:44 AM
I think I use 13/53 on mine. But I am comparing my car to a field of cars in a 70t class. The car was not noticeably faster than the 70t 2wd cars. The cars are narrow, and relatively light. So the 70t has more rip than in a larger heavier car. When it was geared higher I had no pull out of the slower corners but had loads of speed on the second part of the straight. On a very large track I might gear it higher, but probably not higher than a 19/29. Its just not usable speed for most track layouts that I race on. The X-Speed is a high speed motor, so you need to be in the middle/upper band to get power. Other motors have good torque low, but less as the motor spools up (I usually prefer these types of motors, so I get great pull out of the corner). The X-Speed suits the AWD better than 2wd because it has less drag brake. I never really liked it in a 2wd, but for an AWD against 70t, I think its pretty equal.