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2010.09.13, 02:16 AM
Hi guys,

does anybody know, how the car will act, when I will install a N body like the Corvette on a W chassie with reduced offset?
Are there any differences in handling? What is better performance wise?


2010.09.13, 03:06 AM
Many racers run the Corvette on the W chassis... just have to change the wheels. I used to run 1n, but prefer 0n to protect them a little more. 1W works well in the rear. I shaved an old body to run 3W a while back.

In general, if the narrow body is has about 2mm offset wheels, you can run it on the W chassis with zero or negative offset wheels.

If you have any questions about specific bodies, do ask.

I never run a front wheel that is wider than 1n, and prefer 0n. My steering is more precise, and there is less scrub in the corners. Meaning that I dont have to use as much thottle to maintain momentum in the corner. Wider offsets at the same outside width of the wheels will slow the car down more in the corner due to friction. W is 5mm wider track than N. So 2.5mm wheels on N are the same width as 0mm on W. If a body is a little too narrow for the W setting with 0mm wheels, I may consider using a N at 1mm. Some people like to use more throttle and use the scrub in the corners to slow them down, others like less scrub and carve the corners more than push into them and have the scrub slow the car down entering the corners. Its all a matter of preference for the way you want the car to handle.

We race a narrow class, so I have plenty of experience with the narrow bodies. In general, smaller bodies are lighter, so you get a little more power to weight ratio as well... Unrestricted my car weighs in at 167g. So I typically have to add weight to race in events. This also allows me to place that weight where I want on the chassis for it to perform well.

2010.09.14, 04:26 AM
Thanks EMU. I will change the chassis to a W and see, if there is any improvement in handling for me. Just have to find proper rims now, but that should be no problem.

The next logical question is: why does Kyo sell the Corvette as a N version, when it should have better performance on a W and there is enough space / offset to do so?


2010.09.14, 04:32 AM
It was originally an MR01 body... They should have updated it as they did the F40 and NSX, and produce it for the MR02/W chassis...

2010.09.15, 12:39 AM
nice read emu...

i've used the corvette waay back on a mr01 body... which in mr03 terms is a n with something like 2mm (or was it a 2.5mm) front rim offset...

my experience with using anything with a n and front rim offset is... understeering... which could be addressed by changing to a softer compound tire, using knuckles with some camber in them or both...

it would be nice to see a comparison of lap times of a mr015 vs mr02 vs mr03(n) vs mr03(w) using the correct rim offsets of this body...

because of the improvement of the electronics of the mr03 over the mr015/02, i'm pretty sure that the mr03 laptimes would be lower...

however it is the mr03(n) vs mr03(w) laptimes that would be interesting, as you would see how each set up handles, given the same front track width... for you to run the corvette at the same front trackwidth, you will have to use front rims with a 2.5mm offset for the n setting and front rims without an offset for the w setting...

i suggest try both settings and post your findings... :D