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2010.09.13, 02:46 PM
I actully saw this a day or so ago on Haco's site. Anyone have any information on this?? Looks to me like a carbon fiber chassis plate that the three core components attach too.

Here's the kyosho japan page.


2010.09.13, 03:23 PM
A picture with it installed can be found here.

2010.09.13, 05:31 PM
Looks like a chassis stiffener...

2010.09.13, 07:37 PM
Check the K blog from the engineers themselves...


Basically they want to emulate the feeling of
the 02 chassis and make the 03 more precise
with this and the arm stiffener they have
coming out.

As for this part specifically, it is intended to
connect the bottom of the chassis directly
to the plate and essentially convert the
three sections into two.

Thing is if you use this you might not be able
to mount any protection for LM bodies. That
and it adds some weight and about a mm to
the bottom of the chassis


2010.09.13, 07:45 PM
No thanks....


2010.09.13, 07:48 PM
I dont want to add anything to the bottom of the chassis. There is already very little clearance...

2010.09.13, 10:01 PM
hmm... pretty interesting...
i've read the page using google...
it is supposed to stiffen the chassis...

having the following effects / benefits (according to the blog)

Improved stability straight
Steering response improved
The steering (the linear and sharp) increase
Modification reduces the steering when cornering
Improved stability when cornering ◆
& improved front and rear of oneness
More predictable behavior while driving ◆
Reduces tire wear ◆

hmm... anybody willing to try this out to validate and verify?
price 2,800 yen...

2010.09.14, 03:39 AM
Also it can be used with the ic tag.

And I presume, as the ic tag itself is rather low, that this bottom piece has almost the same clearance as the ic tag. So, why not?

2010.09.14, 10:20 AM
Great to see users on this forum using mini-z.be blog as reference, thanks :)

2010.09.14, 04:47 PM
I think it's kinda cool. I might try this. Thanks for the info everyone, if it wasn't for this forum I wouldn't know about any of this stuff:D

2010.09.15, 12:32 PM
yes, thanks for more info and input on this.

2011.07.26, 01:54 PM
This was one of the first upgrades I ordered when I placed my order for the Mini Z MR-03 JSCC Cup Edition.

I just installed it today. Had it for 3 months. It sure looks cool. Here is a pic:


You heard of the Positives. Including makes your car looks cool.

Now hear about the negatives:

1. I paid Kyosho's $41.99 for this little piece of carbon that in my opinion should've been sold for $12 bucks. Eventually I did see it on ebay for $16.99 but it was too late.

2. I had to remove my Kyosho generic lexan bumper that protected my Lamborghini Countach body in the front and front sides.

3. It's hard to get to the on/off switch.

4. You have to remove the entire underfloor reinforcement if you want to change your H-bar or replace your motor (at least in my case since I'm using Kyosho's RML motor mount).

It's a tradeoff.

2011.07.27, 08:01 AM
From my testing, I can say it made a very positive difference in my LM car. It did all that it was advertised to do. Only downside for me is getting to the on/off switch, which I just use a ball point pen to flick it on/off. Also change toebar is more of a pain in the arse than usual, but I say give this upgrade a big thumbs up.

unearthed name
2011.09.04, 11:22 PM
anyone have the manual for this part? mine is lost, and i need to know which spacer is used for different type of t-plate.