View Full Version : Version 0.49 of Flip Side Racing Software available

2010.09.15, 11:35 AM
Version 0.49 of Flip Side Racing Software is available. This release has various bug fixes and includes some new features.

The changes of greatest interest are the addition of support for the Infinity 166 based Core lap counter that a few people have reported not working, the HFAY export sorts by results and the added option to change the best lap speech between personal, overall and none.

For more details of what has changed you can check the release notes here:
Release Notes (http://www.flipsideracing.org/projects/fslapcounter/wiki/ReleaseNotes)

Otherwise go to the Flip Side Racing website to download the latest release.
Flip Side Racing (http://www.flipsideracing.org/projects/fslapcounter/)

2010.09.19, 10:40 AM
So now that some people have had a chance to try this version out is everything working properly for people?

Any feedback you can provide is appreciated.