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2010.09.17, 01:11 PM
So with the last event of the year on the way, and both series championships hanging in the balance the new season is getting a lot of attention :D I like all the discussion, and I think it is important to ensure a strong series for next year.

I am going to open up this thread for discussion by all, but please know that when you post your thoughts here, that does not mean that your will necessarily become reality. I;m willing to listen to every ones opinions, but I know that every one will not agree, and only a small few will make the final decisions.

Here is the discussion that has taken place so far.

I think we should pick classes out of a hat for the next CC series. Randomly select classes at the end of each race with the stipulation that we always run stock and that the remainding two classes be different body styles from each other.

I think it would be interesting to run a spec 02 class as well, 90mm or something. It would give every body something to do with their old gear at the very least.

I got rid of my 02 stuff, but I'd be cool with a 90mm class, porshce class, mini class, hatch class, RM only, whatever.

I like the idea about drawing the two extra classes out of a hat for the next CCC Race after every race for next year also. That way no one feels slighted or favored. We can know ahead of time and not have to wait for a decission right before the next race. Great idea.:cool:
How about a Novice (beginers) or a kids class? Because of time restrants maybe with minimum qualifiers and main times.
And Mike if you were not racing so well, maybe in the near future we could have enough to have a seniors class.

Good idea Jay, maybe we should set up a draw at CC4.

We could do a kid's class, especially if Lincoln and Tyler are racing. Anybody seen Robbie lately? It wouldn't add too much time since we are substituting it for a D heat for example anyway.

I agree, we should draw at CC4 for the classes at the first race of next years challenge. With stock gt being in all races.
Now to figure what classes will be in the hat for drawing, that may be the long discussion.

Maybe everyone that participated at the event, could write two classes (from the choices selected at the beginning of the season) on seperate pieces of paper... then two papers are drawn, and if they are duplicates, then they draw another. This way, everyone feels that while it is random, their vote is in...

Either case, Im all for GT always being run. And I do like the randomness of the class choice by drawing from a hat. Also, you will know at the end of the previous race what setups to work on for the next event...

That's a good idea Emu, adds a bit individual involvement with the process.

I like it. Its like a randomized majority rules :)

I think that is a good idea as well, the only problem would be if 2 Formula one classes where chosen it would be difficult for most to run both classes.

Maybe the other two classes should be mod only, eliminating stock classes altogether as choices in order to avoid a situation where we end up having to provide 3 hand out motors to each participant.

As much as I would like to see 90mm or mini-class I don't think it should be for points and included in the 3 classes,as participation will probably be minimal. I for one am in for any class, the more the merrier for me. I remember running 5 classes at the Turkey day run and I had a stinking blast!

Maybe we squeeze a mini-class in during a break or breaks 2 four minute quals and an 8 minute main just for kicks for those who are willing to paricipate. It would be cool to see a specific body picked TRP's menage however you spell it or Mini-coopers something you really have to work at driving.

Anyway that is my rant for the day! I am stoked about my run tonight:) at Highspeed didn't win but things were definately working out, thus all the rambling, hope all is well with all that read this.


I think, as Emu stated, that if there is a duplicate in the draw then another draw is done. I think this should be for duplicate body style or F1 chassis class as well... i.e no double stock-mod F1 class, double LM class or double DP class. The only exception might be GT, since we have determined that GT2 is always on the list... should we allow the option of running GT1 since most racers do have more than one GT body? Only two stock classes can be run so in the case of a third stock class being drawn that third class drawn should be run as mod. There is the possibility, of course, to run two mod classes in addition to the one stock GT class.

I like the idea of novelty or exhibition classes but it might be tough to squeeze in with a large turnout of racers if we want to keep events to one day. Should novelty or exhibition classes be allowed to be included in the draw? There should be limits on novelty classes, no one should throw in crawler or a Speed Racer-bodied only classes for example. A Speed Racer class might be entertaining though, I would add a small monkey to mine!

Wish I could have been there last night Jay.

That make sense, I guess I didn't catch the jist of Eugene's post. It was late and the adrenaline was flowing. I think putting a fun class or spec class in the mix would be cool!

I don't think others would agree though, It would just mean having to spend more money on stuff to set up another car.

Maybe one day my dreams of a Mini-Cooper class will materialize. For now I am content with the 8 classes we already have established,:)

After talking with everyone last night, including Jim and Vicki, it looks like Saturday 11/20/2010 will be the date for the next CC event at HSH :D. That date seems to be far enough away from other events and everyone agrees that Dec would be a bad idea for a big race. If there are significant problems with that date, someone please speak up soon since it needs to be in stone asap :).

I agree with Jay and Pedro on drawing the classes for next year. That's a great idea Jay ;). This way no one can claim any favoritism has taken place. I also agree with Pedro on no duplicate classes or three handout motor classes being run. As Pedro said, if they are drawn just redraw.

I like the idea of some novelty classes also, but I'd like to keep them as extra novelty classes only. There's been a lot of work put in by Mike, Landon, and Pedro to designate the different classes and rules set forth already. I would rather see the 90mm, spec, mini, etc classes just stay as fun classes so it won't hurt participation due to a racers funds.

As for the drawing, we could simply take all the classes written on seperate pieces of paper (minus Stock GT since it's always ran) and put them in a box. There would only be one entry paper per class. At the end of the next CC, the host of the next race would draw two classes out of the box. If the 2nd class drawn was a duplicate body style of the first drawn or would require a third handout class, simply put it back in the box and redraw. To keep it mixed up a bit we could also say that once a class is chosen to be run, it doesn't go back in the box until all other classes have been chosen. That may be a little too complicated, but just a thought :D.

2010.09.17, 01:13 PM
the date is good with me. but as far as classes i dont see the need to always run gt2. i see no difference in it and lm2. i would like to see gt1 some as well but not both gt1 and gt2 in the same race. just my thoughts.

I would tend to agree with you Chad, if it where just the same guys running all the time, which is highly likely unless we get some growth in the near future.

I think the importance of having a stock class is a James put it, to encourage newcomer participation. Most necomers will probably have a stock car and nothing else, so unless they purchased another body and motor mount or completely different car they would be unable to participate.

My thouhgts are if you don't have it, get it. Unfortunately, that is not everybodies reality or level of commitment to the sport.

If we didn't have to consider the possiblity of future growth I would whole heartedly agree with you.

However,considering that we should also be interested in future competitors catching the bug, I respectfully cannot agree.

I think that GT Stock should always be run, and most likely will have the largest group of people, thats my take.

the only thing is most people we try to get into the hobby we push towards a lm ready to run as they are the best out of the box runners. the only other down side to always running gt2 is you only have 2 other classes to pick from. as hsh does not like to run dp cars and choses to run f1. and mbmzr runs dp just to change up the classes. why not instead of picking each class out of a hat, pic the whole race out of a hat. have all classes on a sheet of paper in ever possible config. and pic them out of a hat at the beginning of the season for all known races to be held in that year. that way everyone knows well in advance what classes they need to prep for, no suprises.

X2 Daddy Rabbit

okay it looks like im the lone one on this. so if we always run gt2 what will the classes at cc4 be? with running gt2 we will have to run either the same classes we just ran at cc3 just flipping dp2 and f2 are the same thing we ran at cc2. the other thing i would put out there is if we always run one class we should add a race and have 4 classes. i just dont want to have to run the same classes every race. if we run 4 classes flip flopping mod and stock in the other 3 that should give us some variety.

Alright Chad, I was ok with everything except for this statement. Yes, we choose to run F1 due to us not particularly caring for pan. But, to say that ya'll choose pan just to change it up is a load of crap! MBMZR has ran a pan class regularly for a long time. And, just as our open F1 cars are usually better than yours, your pan cars usually smoke us :o. I'm speaking collectively of the two groups and not individually. It's ok that in the past both groups have preferred to run classes that they are the best at collectively. It's all good :D. However, our drawing the classes in the future will eliminate all favoritism and any questioning of what the other group would have chosen. As for GT Stock, I think it's got to be our staple so we can keep the hobby growing. But, that's just my opinion. We simply don't have enough time or cars to run 4 classes, so that leaves us with two variable classes.

The only class that will stay the same every time is the Stock GT :D. As I stated earlier, once a class is drawn, it wouldn't go back in the box until all other classes were drawn and ran at an event :cool:. That means every event would be very different. The other thing Pedro and I proposed was no duplicate body styles, so you won't have 2 F1 classes, 2 Pan classes, or 2 LM classes. All this would require is a possible redraw. No big deal. The only thing is that there may have to be an exception for GT Mod if we run GT Stock at every event, but that doesn't bother me :).

but why can lm2 not be a staple? as far as us running pan it was due to hsh not wanting to run pan. and i have no problem with this. but if both tracks stick with this schedule we will always run the same thing every other race. me personally i would rather run f1 but if we had it would have been the same as cc2. dont take my post to be anything against hsh as they are not, i just want as much diversity in this series as we can get from both parties.

so will what you proposed get rid of having to run 2 stock classes?

Maybe my thoughts aren't being typed clearly. The proposed drawing solution will result in the two variable classes being different at every event until all classes are ran. Then you put them all back in the box and start over drawing. The only issue would be not wanting or having enough handout motors for three stock classes. Therefore, the two variable classes drawn could be theoretically either 2 mod classes or a stock and a mod class. If two stock classes are drawn, just throw the 2nd one back in and draw again. If two of the same body type are drawn, once again throw the second one back in and draw again. I'm not sure why you don't think this would add variety. This would ensure that every event is different until all classes were ran. The only staple would be Stock GT for earlier reasons stated :).

Keep in mind, we were just making a suggestion :). I'll run whatever and however is decided. NO BIGGIE!!

James, this last post is the attitude every one needs to keep. We are just sharing opinions, and should all participate and have fun!

2010.09.17, 01:25 PM
What I would like to say is this, I will work my hardest to put the classes down on paper well in advance of the next race. We should have time to discuss said classes and a way to decide them at the next race.

As far as what classes we choose, saying we chose pan cars for diversity is a bunch of crap, lol. We run them things all the time. I did however run an LM class at the last race (and allowed them in the super stock class at the first race) to cater to you guys (since y'all all have them and run them weekly). I did throw the curve ball out there to make them mod this time, but hey, it is competition. The home team should have some what of an advantage, and this year, picking the classes was one of those advantages. There has been some negative talk about who picked what classes and why, and I think this randomized choice of classes is a great way to solve it.

EMU's suggestion is my favorite because the popular classes get a better chance at being run, but it is still not decided by one person, and doesn't really have any group in mind when it gets pulled out of the hat. If anything your guys will decide the classes at our place (as y'all have more people participate/vote at HS than we do), and we will have as many or more votes in the box for the event held at your place (because the drawing would take place at our track, with all of our locals). I couldn't have come up with something so perfect, but I love it :D

As far as classes, there are actually 10, but we have only tapped into about half of them so far. A couple of them are AWD classes, and will not likely get much support from our groups at this time, but they are there....looming in the background :D

Each host will have the ability to add non-points special classes at any given time. We ran four classes at the first race, and I think we had time to do another at the last race...especially if it was shortened, or didn't have many participants. It is important to keep the points paying classes more typical, as we want every one to have a chance at their best score.

Ive got some ideas about scoring too, but lets cover one subject at a time for now :D

2010.09.17, 08:51 PM
Plan A

Maybe since nobody can really seam to agree about the random/sort/pick method of future classes for the races.

Those concerned with the ulitmate outcome should draw up their individual proposals with how they think the classes should be picked. Once everyone has submitted there proposals we could have a drawing of those and then stick to the proposal picked.

I am pretty sure this is the whole reason why I own my own business. My way or the highway!

I am begining to think the reason Manufacture sanctioned races are so succesfull is because only one person is calling all the shots.

Plan B

Maybe the real solution is just to leave well enough alone and play off the success of an already succesfull series rather than bicker about the particulars.

Each club individually pick the classes they want to race prior to the next event (by voting amongst themselves would be my preference for HIGHSPEED any way) and present their choices at the next event. For instance MBMZR would present their selection choice at the CC4 race coming up.

My suggestion for my club HIGH Speed, would be to run those classes at our club races until the next cup and vice versa. At High Speed we normally run stock GT every week and alternate between LM and F-1 from week to week.

This would put a little variety in all of our race programs and also increase sales for our prospective shops.

2010.09.17, 09:12 PM
i have a 4 door CLK body that i think is real cool looking even the red bull car.i know its for awd cars but what does it matter if it's ran on a 2wd chassie. i think a 4dr body,touring car would be a cool class.just my two cents.sorry i don't know the real class name.

HSH should just pick three class's for the next CC and thats what we run. stock of coarse and what ever the other two maybe. i hope it would not be anything crazy. one of them better be F-1 now that i bought one for that reason:p:D:). this should'nt be that big of a deal to pick some class's. either way i'm gonna drive the crap out of what ever i'm racing:D. cya

2010.09.17, 09:42 PM
i do have a renault body,i think thats how it's spelled.

jay,is that close to a mini cooper? i think in a few posts back from somewhere, i said something about having an expedition class at one of the CC races. small as i can go is 94mm. anything smaller is to hard for me to drive:(.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.12.05, 11:25 AM
Hey guys,
Let's get this thread active:
Where is the first race?
What classes?
The idea of drawing the classes from a hat is a great idea, but since we did not do it at the last race, when are we going to have representatives from both clubs together to draw? Maybe Mike & Landon can get together and draw. Mike are you going to be in MB with Debbie anytime soon? Are any of you HSH guys going to be in the MB area in the near future?
I would like to see MBMZR host the first race of the year.:)
I know that we want to stay away from the last part of the month, so how about the 5th of February, I may be gone the middle of the month and stay away from Valentine's Day for all you lover boys.:p
As far as classses let's get together.
We need to settle on some more guidelines (rules) also.:D
Happy Holidays everyone.

2010.12.05, 01:40 PM
Maybe we could have a third party pick them for good measure. Out of a hat that is. Gary senior might be a good candidate. Just a thought.

Feb 5 seems good to me.

2010.12.05, 01:51 PM
Be patient. We are working on details and dates. We do not have anything concrete enough to post just yet.

Daddy Rabbit
2010.12.05, 04:17 PM
Just putting my two cents worth in.:(

2010.12.06, 05:57 PM
all i can say is make it simple:).

2010.12.07, 05:50 AM
I like the ideas about drawing the next race's classes from a hat, with or without replacement depending on whether we want to mix it up less or more.

I hope the powers that be will consider ways of ending the race day earlier however, whether its by starting earlier or reducing the number of qualifiers from 3 to 2 or some other means. This is important to me, because it could mean the difference between attending events in MB or not. I'm sure the MB guys and some of the other out of towners like Matt and Eugene wouldn't mind getting home a little earier too. If the events could end at say 4:00pm, those from out of town should be able to make it home at a more reasonable hour. Currently with the event ending around 7:00 or 8:00 pm, it puts the closest out of towners home around midnight or later. I'm just too old to be out driving at that hour of the night.


2011.01.26, 10:12 PM
Let's get it going for the 2011 season!

There has been a lot of buzz lately with new races around the country as well as online series and competitions to compete in but I look forward to having some fun again with our Carolina Cup! The CC had a successfull first year, we just need to work up a schedule and finish up a detail or two as far as the rules and points are concerned to get it going again in 2011. Landon and I have agreed to share or split responsibilities in organizing the Cup this year, take a bit of the load off of him. He did a great job last year and I hope that I, and we at High Speed, can help make it even more fun.

We have high hopes for a possible new location for a CC race or two... the Hobbytown in Mooresville have secured a large, storefront space adjacent to the existing shop and plan to host MiniZ racing. Racing will continue at High Speed, the Mooresville HT location gives us an option and a new crowd to expose to the fun of 1/28th scale racing. Hopefully we can plant the seeds for a MiniZ scene in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area and make NC/SC a hotspot for 1/28th scale racing, like our friends up north enjoy.

Let's lay down some RCP...

2011.01.26, 10:17 PM
im with ya pedro. lets get some dates setup and get this thing going. like you said there is alot of races popping up and i would like to see us get some good dates lined up so we dont get left out to dry. good to hear that HT is getting a larger area for some possible races. keep us informed and up to date. i've told landon and i'll tell you, let me know what i can do to help.

2011.01.27, 06:34 AM
Thanks Chad! I know you guys have been busy lately and I have been quite busy at work, a little race in Florida to get ready for. I will bring up scheduling to the group tonight at High Speed.

I really hope the HT track works out. We need to prove to the owner that Mini Z racing is a good investment and that it is possible to build an active scene in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area. I think a CC race at HT would go a long way to proving that there is interest in racing these little cars and maybe convince some local rc enthusiasts to sell their Traxxas trucks and join the fun. I will stress that they need to get some other racing going in the space as well, like 1/18 oval or offroad, maybe even Tamiya Mini Coopers. As much as we love 1/28th racing we can't convince every would be racer to buy a MiniZ and I don't believe the track can survive on MiniZ racing alone. Even with the small track that was in the current store, hampered by low traction and a somewhat unreliable timing system, we had 3 local racers buy cars. A new, large dedicated space with a proper size track and a good timing system will hopefully convince others to invest in the cars and gear. The owner has said he wants to build a racing scene in addition to that which exists at High Speed, not take it over. The area that the HT store is in is very high traffic with lots of race fans and NASCAR teams. There is a large slot car track/store and an indoor go kart track just down the road. It will take some time but the possibility is there.

2011.01.27, 07:23 AM
Why don't you try and schedule the first cup race of the year there? If it is like some of the other things that have come and gone in that town, it may need immediate support, and I can not think of a better way to show HT and the locals there that Zs can be fun and competetive. A group of us are going up to MD for Matt's race, but late March, or any time in April would be good. If you guys do March/April, that will leave plenty of sapce on the calendar for the three other races :D

2011.01.27, 08:59 AM
Agreed. I hope to get some local racing going there very soon to get it up to speed. Just need to keep the momentum going, a CC event would go a long way towards building interest.

2011.01.28, 06:10 AM
We are thinking possibly April 16th for Round One, possibly at HT if the track is up to speed.

2011.01.28, 08:20 AM
hate to say it but me in the boys would miss out on that race:(. thats the same date for the spring sting here at the offroad track. thats a big race that the wife calls for them. i new this would happen:(. thats just one race i can't miss. pedro,it's kind of like that race in florida your getting ready for:D. anyhow,have fun keep us posted. maybe i'll catch the next one:).

2011.01.28, 08:23 AM
maybe they can get another date together. if not we will only have 3 people going and thats not enough to count as far as points. let s just wait and see

2011.01.28, 08:25 AM
We can't run without kromie! Let us look at other dates...

2011.01.28, 08:54 AM
I'll run Kromie's cars and my results can be counted for Team MBMZR (insert devilish smilie)

2011.01.28, 08:55 AM
And my 7 year old daughter can run in Collin's place with her results counting for MBMZR too. Hehehe.

2011.01.28, 08:59 AM
the way erics been running it couldnt hurt. BURN

2011.01.28, 11:18 AM
Total BURN!!

2011.01.28, 05:31 PM
WOW chad,you cut me real good on that one:D. i'm gonna keep my comments to my self and just let it all go down at the next big race:p:D. when i open my mouth it just goes south for me:D.

pedro, thats cool if you can ,but do what ever works out for the best. i do appreciate trying to change the date:). i wanna make it for sure at a new place.sounds like it's gonna be a good one:)

traveler,thanks for the offer but i'm gonna have to pass:D.

2011.01.28, 05:46 PM
when i open my mouth it just goes south for me.

Same for me, and usually for Chad too. We will see where this all goes in round 2 :)

2011.01.28, 05:59 PM
maybe i should talk smack:D. i'm gonna play it safe and say no:)

2011.01.28, 06:22 PM
well i figure atleast i can talk smack well, drive on the other hand is hit or miss.

2011.01.30, 07:23 AM
please lock in the date soon. My wife makes here schdule for that month in a few weeks.

I may have to come visit:) My seasoned veterans of mninz are gone from racing here and my four new racers did not pan out on the first race of the HFAy season. I am itching to race:)

2011.01.30, 07:36 AM
traveler,thanks for the offer but i'm gonna have to pass:D.

Come on man. I can be your stunt double. I'll even drive my cars with my transponder and your cars with yours. No one will ever know. Just haven't figured out how I will drive two cars in the same mains because I should qualify close to you. :o

2011.01.30, 07:38 AM
I got it! I'll pair 2 cars to 1 radio. As long as they are the same speed, I should be able to race two at once :confused:

Seriously though, I hope we can find a date that will accomodate everyone. And if we could have it on a larger track at HT that would be awesome. :D

2011.01.30, 08:35 AM
that sounds like such a good idea now i think of it. i'm gonna ups all of my stuff.you will see it wed:p:D. that would be cool if you could get two cars to drive with one radio:cool:. cya soon

2011.02.28, 11:14 AM
ok has a new date been setup yet. just got back from MD and im ready for another one.

2011.02.28, 11:26 AM
We had a trial race at the HT in Mooresville and it went very well. I need to talk to the staff to set up a date. The ILap system there worked very well, we could use it for the race. The Z specific transponders use the same harness as the Giro.

2011.02.28, 11:57 AM
sounds good. but our transponders will not work correct? if not will the correct ones be available to use?

2011.02.28, 12:25 PM
The best part about i-lap transponders, is that there are no duplicates... so there are no transponder conflicts. We have very few misses as well...

2011.02.28, 12:31 PM
Giros are not compatible. We will have to see how many ILap transponders we have available at that time. I would like to be able to use a timing system that we have some experience with so you and Landon don't have to do it. They work like a Giro but are not limited to 26 units, they are unlimited like an AMB and cost about $37. The Mini Z specific ones use the Giro harness.

2011.02.28, 01:01 PM
The store actually has ten loaner transponders. Worst case scenario we don't pick up any Mini-z specific transponders we have plenty of transponders available.

With a little prepp the the transponder situation can be easily resolved using zipp ties Giroz harness the plug into the board and Futaba J plug male parts that you can crimp to the end of a Giroz harness.

There are about a hundred and one different ways to make these things work, if you don't want to shell out 37 bucks for your own.

2011.02.28, 01:03 PM
Let's get this thing rolling, I am anxious as well!

2011.02.28, 01:18 PM
Since I didn't get to go to MD, I'm itching even more to run in a bigger event.

2011.02.28, 01:39 PM
If you're itching that much, maybe you should get some ointment :p.

Daddy Rabbit
2011.02.28, 04:22 PM
Let's get this thing going.
I got back from MD yesterday and I am in Charleston today, but I am ready for a road trip.

2011.02.28, 04:53 PM
I really want to see ILap in action. I have used the transponder once before but never paid attention to the software but I know RC Srocing Pro is awesome.

I am trying to get The Track to get this as their system and transponders so hopefully we wont have to run the races when we are there. I beleive they use RC Scoring Pro already so whoever already runs the racing program should have no problem doing ours.

I will buy a transponder if you guys will have them avilable there for purchase. If not let me know and I will order one.

2011.02.28, 07:22 PM
We are supposed to have transponders available for sale soon at the track. We should know after this Saturday. If not maybe everyone can go in on a package deal and get them 10 for $35.00 a piece.

I don't know much about the software versus any other software. Mostly I like that there are an unlimited amount of transponder designations, so you don't have to worry about who has what no two are the same. Secondly they have a red flashing light that let's you know it is working which is always good to know.

I am eager to race with everyone soon as well. The Hobbytown facility is a big venue. It will a great place for a big track plenty, of room!

Hope to see you all soon!:)

2011.02.28, 07:27 PM
Hobbytown is running the Laps Free software with the ILap, I haven't used any other timing software so I can't really comment on it other than it was easy to learn and worked well for our first attempt. I have read up on the RC Scoring software and while it looks like a nice software package I don't think HT will spend that kind of dough just yet. Can anyone comment on this software and as to whether we should look at ZRound or Flipside?

2011.03.01, 08:45 AM
If you can limit the cars to 5 per heat then the.
The RC SCoring pro software that came with the ILAP is best. This worked great for the HFAY size tracks. I have used it almost two years for Atlanta miniz.

2011.03.01, 08:48 AM
is there a date for the first race?

2011.03.01, 08:54 AM
I am not absolutely certain but I think most people are running Z round. Whatever we run I think it would be a could idea to run what MBMZR is running just in case we run into issues.

This way we won't be re-inventing the wheel. I like Flipside I am running one of the first versions on my Core system at the office. It works for me. The particular version I am running does not sort races which I guess could be done manually with out any problem. However I am no expert at it. Mostly I just use it because if works for Core.

So my vote would be use what MBMZR is currently using and get everyone involved in learning it or learn the software we are currently using and do the same.

I am not certain but I think the software we are using may only allow 5 racers at a time. Anyway I think Z-round is free. I will call Landon and see what they are using. My guess is he will chime in before I get ahold of him!:D

2011.03.01, 08:57 AM
yes we use zround and it is free off pn's website. im just note sure if ilap transponders will work with it.

2011.03.01, 09:56 AM
I'm almost 100% sure you can use ZRound with the I-lap bridge. It is a good easy to learn software, and Jesus is constanly doing things to make it better.

2011.03.01, 12:07 PM
That's the cool thing about JESUS ever since he came into my life things just keep getting better1

2011.03.01, 12:26 PM
I think we're gonna need some miracles... ;)

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.01, 02:59 PM
Watch out for lightning boys.

2011.03.02, 07:45 AM
Do we have any dates in mind? Maybe we should talk about this Thursday, so we can throw some dates out there. We definately want to give people time to check there schedules.

I wonder if there are any dates upcoming that don't work, this might be a good starting point.

2011.03.02, 07:52 AM
Great minds, Jay. Great minds. But yours seems a little greater than mine, or maybe you just type faster?:)

2011.03.06, 04:36 PM
i vote for april 9th. anything else in april i can't make:(.

2011.03.06, 06:04 PM
Early April works for me to..


2011.03.06, 06:08 PM
Hey guys, I will check with HT and see if a weekend in early April will work for them, if not we will schedule it at High Speed.

2011.03.06, 06:26 PM
i know we are all waiting to here:).

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.07, 04:04 PM
Early April will be here in no time,lets pick a date and classes.:D

2011.03.07, 04:10 PM
i vote for april 9th. anything else in april i can't make:(.

Right now 4/9 works for me. The sooner I get a date on the calendar, the more likely it is I can be there...

If pan is in the mix, I hope someone can lend me a body. :o

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.07, 04:12 PM
4/9 works for me and I would love to see pan in the mix, lets go boys.

2011.03.07, 05:33 PM
April 9 would be good with HT. Would this be good for everyone?

How is Stock GT2, LMP1 Mod and CanAm 1 Mod?

2011.03.07, 05:37 PM
what in the world is can am 1 consist of this is a new one to me

2011.03.07, 05:58 PM
Date is good for me.

Can We get a little break down of the classes please.

2011.03.07, 06:00 PM
Pan mod, quite open rules.

2011.03.07, 06:03 PM
2 is stock and 1 is mod correct? also date is fine with me. i would like to see a later start time maybe 12 as i plan to come up early that morning instead of friday night.

2011.03.07, 06:23 PM
Can an is essentially the open class where you can run LM, pan, or lexan bodies. Last year we called it DP, but some adjustments were made to the rules and can am fits better.

I like the classes! Ill deck the date, but its as good as any :)

2011.03.07, 07:12 PM
Ok, I've got GT2 and Can Am mod but wht does LMP1 mod consist of?

Are the rules and classes posted anywhere?


2011.03.07, 07:38 PM
LMP1 is the typical LM mod class we ran at cc4. 102mm wheelbase and Kyosho LM bodies only. Im pretty sure there are some detailed rules posted on the forum. I'll try and find them and link the from a computer tomorrow.

2011.03.07, 07:41 PM
I will get the new rules posted up soon, just need to make a couple of measurements.

Essentially LMP1 Mod is 102 WB only with a Kyosho LM body (no lexan). Any wheels and tires (up to 9x22F, 11x22R), no Lipo/Life. Unlimited weight.
CanAm1 is any Pan, LM, type body, plastic or lexan. Any WB up to 106, Lipo/Life allowed, any wheels and tires (foam allowed). Unlimited weight.
Yea, you could run an LMP1 in both.

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.07, 08:07 PM
The date and classes sound great. What does everyone think?
All right Pedro take that bull by the horns!!!!!:D

2011.03.07, 08:12 PM
Sorry I haven't gotten on this sooner. "Bull by the horns"! - lately I have been the clown in the barrel at the rodeo! A NASCAR rodeo! I look forward to a bit of racing with all you guys.

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.07, 08:25 PM
Dido on racing with you guys, I am in the need of a road trip.:)

2011.03.07, 10:26 PM
With foams being an option are you allowing traction compound as well? I'd love to make this race. I make my own foams and the only time I get to run them is in HFAY Mod. In addition I run the Taka-Q body. I'm on my third one. I think I was like 23rd or something the last time I looked. would have been in the teens but batteries dumped.

I love me some Lemans body and O-Zone foam grey alien tech tires. MMMM hugh. Somebody gonna be in big trouble!!!!

2011.03.08, 12:11 AM
CanAm1 is any Pan, LM, type body, plastic or lexan. Any WB up to 106, Lipo/Life allowed, any wheels and tires (foam allowed). Unlimited weight.
Yea, you could run an LMP1 in both.

I know we already established the classes and I am not trying to make things difficult or be difficult but I am going to be.

I think the Can Am1 class is, well I don't know what it is.:confused: Should be interesting:eek:

I am in for the 9th and I guess I agree to the classes.

2011.03.08, 06:04 AM
Jay. I'm not sure what you said, but I agree with you 100%

I'll get to work on a few layouts. I promise something tight but fast..


Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.08, 07:19 AM
How far is this track from where we stay on Earnhart Jr. Blvd?

Daddy Rabbit
2011.03.08, 07:20 AM
How about an address for this track, that would be even better.:)

2011.03.08, 07:31 AM
Sorry I haven't gotten on this sooner. "Bull by the horns"! - lately I have been the clown in the barrel at the rodeo! A NASCAR rodeo! I look forward to a bit of racing with all you guys.

Looking forward to hanging with you and the posse too Pedro! It seems like its been forever.

Dido on racing with you guys, I am in the need of a road trip.:)

Didn't you just get back from a road trip :D

With foams being an option are you allowing traction compound as well? I'd love to make this race. I make my own foams and the only time I get to run them is in HFAY Mod. In addition I run the Taka-Q body. I'm on my third one. I think I was like 23rd or something the last time I looked. would have been in the teens but batteries dumped.

I love me some Lemans body and O-Zone foam grey alien tech tires. MMMM hugh. Somebody gonna be in big trouble!!!!

I believe we agreed to disallowing any traction compounds in all classes.

Who are you racing HFAY with? Our club runs the BTE events, but not the typical series. We are listed as MBMZR in the rankings.

....and I am not trying to make things difficult or be difficult but I am going to be.

I think the Can Am1 class is, well I don't know what it is.:confused: Should be interesting:eek:

Well, you aren't that difficult, cause you didn't object to anything, lol. Can Am is pretty much the "run what you brung" class. Outside of GT bodies pretty much anything is legal.

I'll get to work on a few layouts. I promise something tight but fast..


I know you will come up with something good Wade! I am looking forward to trading paint with you guys again!

2011.03.08, 07:31 AM
Here you go DR. Just off I-77. Two hotels located in same shopping center, and more less than 0.5 miles away. Food galore all around. Don't even need a car to stay and race there (hint, hint for those that want to fly to CLT).

http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=168+Norman+Station+Boulevard,+Mooresville,+NC&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=168+Norman+Station+Blvd,+Mooresville,+Iredel l,+North+Carolina+28117&gl=us&z=16

2011.03.08, 08:10 AM
Actually my post read, "how about these classes?", not "these are the classes". We don't need to spend two weeks debating classes though. I think the only other real option is F1 mod and it seems many are having glitching issues with them so until this is fixed we shouldn't be "showcasing" them. GT2, Stock is a given and our guys like LM and the south guys like Pan... something for everyone. I think the CanAms might add a little WOW factor to the event if we get some spectators and interested 10th scalers. You gotta admit they will be fast so not too tight Wade, we have use of the whole space.

2011.03.08, 08:14 AM
No traction compounds, if the foams really work you won't need it, we are getting traction roll with rubber tires. Hope you can make it Bruce!

2011.03.08, 08:28 AM
i good with the classes. and i agree until we get the f1 problems fixed we should hold off on that class.

2011.03.08, 08:35 AM
I think your reccomendations for classes are perfect Pedro! They take every one into consideration, and I think Can Am will be a better display for the big scalers than glicthy F1s. Allthough, while all y'alls F1s are glitching, I dont mind racing y'all. :D

2011.03.08, 08:49 AM
I can't wait! You MB guys better bring your A-game! :)

2011.03.08, 08:51 AM
You MB guys better bring your A-game!

i never leave home without it.:D

2011.03.08, 09:02 AM
I'm with the P/N group out of CA. Man I need to make it to this event!!!

2011.03.08, 09:46 AM
I can't wait! You MB guys better bring your A-game! :)

From the looks of the recent results, you are gonna be the man to beat in LMP1 :D I hope you are ready for the added pressure of visitors :D

I'm with the P/N group out of CA. Man I need to make it to this event!!!

You really do! Maybe you could get Grant to fly out with you. The Can Am class is right up his alley...lith powered lexan pan cars with all the motor you can stomach!

2011.03.08, 10:12 AM
From the looks of the recent results, you are gonna be the man to beat in LMP1 :D I hope you are ready for the added pressure of visitors :D

That's only the best 2 rounds out of 3 so far. How many rounds in the RR series? Pretty sure the standings will change before its over. But I must say my LMP1 car is hooked up at HS. Not sure how it will do at HT. But I'll be ready ;)

Would be cool to have some new faces at the CC. HT is about 30 miles north of the Charlotte airport (code is CLT), which is a major hub for USAir. You can get to CLT direct from all major US cities and most smaller cities in the eastern part of the country. There are daily direct flights from LAX and SFO...

2011.03.08, 10:14 AM
That bit of hype for the jetracer comes dangerously close to a spam message.

2011.03.08, 07:48 PM
marwan,i was always a B student in school. i don't know if i have an A game:D.

wade,use all the space,like pedro said:). bigger is better:cool:.

april is killing me. just found out that griffin's opening day for baseball is the 9th.
i'm gonna give him a hug and 20 bucks and tell him good luck,the 20 will win him over:D.

i gotta sweet talk the wife a little but me and collin should be there.

any practice on friday?

2011.03.08, 08:03 PM
We should have the track setup for practice and testing all day Friday.

By the time the weekend arrives I will probably be giving someone twenty bucks too.

2011.03.08, 08:09 PM
I just hope its smaller than the Capital Challenge track... that was a little too big. I like small tracks :)

2011.03.08, 08:16 PM
I'm doing layouts the size of last years PN regional layouts.

20 tiles by 12 I think.


2011.03.08, 08:19 PM
yeah ,not that big:D. a pn regional track is a good size.

2011.03.08, 09:19 PM

2011.03.08, 09:19 PM
Wonder how much air fair and lodging would be? Hmmm. Let me check into that. Is there a particular hotel that everybody is staying at? That would be really cool.

2011.03.08, 09:25 PM
I will try to get a list of hotels nearby but the HobbyTown is located just off Exit 36 off of I-77 just north of Charlotte, lots of restaurants, shopping and such.

2011.03.09, 03:52 AM
Here you go DR. Just off I-77. Two hotels located in same shopping center, and more less than 0.5 miles away. Food galore all around. Don't even need a car to stay and race there (hint, hint for those that want to fly to CLT).

http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=168+Norman+Station+Boulevard,+Mooresville,+NC&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=168+Norman+Station+Blvd,+Mooresville,+Iredel l,+North+Carolina+28117&gl=us&z=16

If you click on above link, you'll see 3 hotels in same shopping center. I'd check those first.

2011.03.09, 05:43 AM
What classes

2011.03.09, 05:47 AM
There is a Holiday Inn Express and a Ramada within a hundred yards of the store.

2011.03.09, 06:05 AM
What classes

I will get the detailed rules posted today but in short classes will be:

GT2 (Stock) - 70T handout motors

LMP1 - Mod brushed motors, Kyosho LM bodies, NiMh, rubber tires (not LM restricted)

Can-Am 1 (Pan)- Lexan or plastic pan Can Am style or Prototype bodies, brushless and lithium based batteries allowed, foam tires allowed. Kind of a "let's see how fast you can go" class.

Hope you can join us!

2011.03.09, 07:02 AM
I'm doing layouts the size of last years PN regional layouts.

20 tiles by 12 I think.


That's a perfect size track, imo. Im sure you are already on it, but just make sure we have to turn more than the pn layout, lol.

Im getting excited about this guys! Can't wait to cut it up with yall!

2011.03.09, 07:03 AM
Oh, BTW Pedro, I love the event flyer!

2011.03.09, 08:49 AM
Me too. Truly the greatest race cars that ever turned a tire.

2011.03.09, 06:16 PM
i'm sure you posted, but are we allowed to use life batts in open class?

2011.03.09, 07:11 PM
I believe so that is for lifi batteries.

2011.03.09, 07:35 PM
I believe so that is for lifi batteries.

that sounds like yoda talk to me

2011.03.09, 08:00 PM
Yes, LiFe. LiPo, LiFi, whatever... 7.4V max. Brushless too.

I have the rules done, I will get them up soon.

2011.03.09, 08:07 PM
that sounds like yoda talk to me

Us short ones stick together, yes indeed do we.

2011.03.09, 08:31 PM
Here's the first two. The top one is 20 x 12, the second version is 21 x 13. The bigger size gives me a little more to work with.

You guys know I'm gonna make you work.




2011.03.09, 08:53 PM
we got two mod classes, c'mon wade let them breath a little:p:D. can we get a 3 wide in the middle somewhere. help a brother out:). if thats what we choose from,my vote is for the first one:).

lets see what else ya got. knock the dust off that thing above your eyes and put it to work:p:D:). j/k

looks like the shop is just about 200 miles from my house.

anybody know what time the shop will close that friday before the race?

2011.03.09, 08:55 PM
I think they are open until 8 or 9 can't remember. I sure someone will chime in though.

2011.03.09, 09:00 PM
Class rules posted on Info thread.

It'd be cool to have a fast section in addition to the slow sections.

I'll have to confirm times with HT and make up a schedule. I will try to do a late a start as possible.

2011.03.09, 09:07 PM
off subject, but what kind of motor cleaner does HT have. im in need of some and all we can get is duratrax. and its not all that good.

2011.03.09, 09:54 PM
Oh, I'm sorry. Did I lead you guys to believe one of these two layouts were what we would be running. I was just giving you an idea of the size I was looking at..



2011.03.10, 12:06 PM
I like both of the layouts posted. They are a little choppy without much flow, but that is what racing in the south is all about :D Its like racing on a small track that takes up a lot of space...I like it :D If you add a few wide radius turns to the center section of the second one, it would be a great balance of low mid and high speed turns, and should show gap from stock to mod.

2011.03.10, 01:12 PM
To get things out in the open I wanted to post this up before there were a lot of questions about it. If you have any questions feel free to post, but I think is simple enough that it should be easy to follow. I will admit, I am not as good with words as Pedro, so it may not sound as professional (or as legally binding :D), but should be comprehensible :D

Individual points break-down will go like this.

Points table
1st - 50 points
2nd - 47
3rd - 45
4th - 44
5th - 43
6th - 42
7th - 41
8th - 40

1st - 40
2nd - 37
3rd - 35
4th - 34
5th - 33
6th - 32
7th - 31
8th - 30

1st - 30
2nd - 27
3rd - 25
4th - 24
5th - 23
6th - 22
7th - 21
8th - 20

1st - 20
2nd - 17
3rd - 15
4th - 14
5th - 13
6th - 12
7th - 11
8th - 10

1st - 10
2nd - 7
3rd - 5
4th - 4
5th - 3
6th - 2
7th - 1

TQ - 2 points

Any one below 7th in the E-Main doesn't score points. If we have E-Mains this year we will revise the table for 2012, but I think keeping the scoring as low as possible is something that will keep our standings close. Last year we had three people mathematically in the hunt for the championship (would have been more with drops, or without missed races) coming into the last race, with the two leaders only one point apart. I think that says the scoring table is pretty good.


If you take a bump-up, you do not forfeit your trophy for your win (if there is a trophy being awarded), but you do forfeit your points from that win, and gain the points you win in the next main up. There is never a reason to not take a bump, unless you just don't want to, or cannot run the race. From a points perspective, it will always be better (or at the very least equal) to run for the chance at extra points. The people below the bump-up do not move up. ex: If you finish second in the B-Main, and the winner takes the bump, you still only get 37 points.

Not running
To receive your points you must at least register one lap in the race. If you qualify in the B-Main but leave before your race starts you do not get last place B-Main points, you get zero. If you drop the class, you get zero. The only exception is if some one has a transponder problem, and it does not read. If they are on the track, they will get points for their respected finish. If some one registers for a class, then drops it mid event (after running at least one qualifier), they are still counted towards the team points (even though they don't score any). If they drop before the first qualifier, then they don't get counted as a zero for the team points, but you do for the individual points (see "drops" for more details).

Season points
Each event will be scored for each driver individually. At the end of each event the driver who scored the most points will get to keep the individual cup until the next event, and their name will be engraved on the trophy as the winner for that particular round. At the end of the year we will score every event, and the driver with the most points overall after drops (see below), will have his name engraved on the trophy as the annual series winner, and he will get to keep the trophy for good.

We will award as many drops, as we have events this year. For example last year we had four rounds. There would have been four drops awarded to each driver. A "drop" consists of your lowest score in any given class (not necessarily at each event, but can be spread through all events). Drops are going to be done based on every one running every class at every event. For example, if we run 4 events with 3 classes each, you will be scored on 12 classes, but your lowest 4 will be thrown out. If you miss a round that is 3 zeros, if you don't run a class at a round, that is one zero. It is basically set up so if you miss around, you still have a shot at the title. If you only run 2 classes per round, you still have a shot at the title. If you run every class at every event, you get a lot more scores to chose your drop from, so there is a big advantage to attending every event and participating in every class.

Again the trophy winner per round will be figured without drops, but the annual trophy winner will be figured with drops.


Event Scoring
Each team will be scored based on their individual driver's scores. Points will be awarded based on the lowest number of team entries per class. ex: MBMZR has 4 people running GT2, and HS has 9. All 4 of the MBMZR guys scores would count towards the team total, but only the top 4 scores from HSH would be counted. The points for the lower positions on the HSH team are still documented and kept for individual scoring, they just are not counted towards team points. The team that scores the highest amount of points at an event gets to keep the team trophy until the next round, as well as getting their name engraved on it as the winner of that particular round

Annual Scoring
The annual team champion will be determined by the team who has the highest amount of team points. Individual drops are not taken into consideration for this. The score is found by adding up each teams scores from each event. The team with the highest overall score for the year get their name engraved on the trophy as the annual winner, and will keep the trophy until the first round of the following year.

2011.03.10, 04:25 PM
Sounds good Landon maybe you guys will pick up some more racers this year.

What about Tanny and Steven? What about Serrano, and all the tenth scale guys that used to run.

Ed where are you?