View Full Version : reapers new track car 010 cup ex5ur etc

2010.09.18, 05:17 AM
so finally got my new car after a long wait for it to come into stock .
now you may ask why i had to wait so long for an awd , well club rules state that cars must be stock so i got the best stock car i could find this car comes with a vast amount of upgrades in the box so therefore its stock :)
only thing i carnt use is the x-speed so i will be tweeking a stg2 and using that

mini-z ma-010 sp 2.4ghz asf cup ltd edition hmmmmmmmm


2010.09.18, 10:07 PM
You forget how awesome the AWD is using all stock Kyosho parts and very little Kyosho AWD hop-ups. Just a great car, the SP edition chassis set is one of my favorites:)

2010.09.18, 11:21 PM
I prefer building my AWDs from this kit, since you have to take it apart anyway to add the bearings.

Would you be able to add the Kyosho DWS, since it comes on a stock chassis? If not, then anyone with the DWS should not be permitted to use bearings :rolleyes:

2010.09.19, 09:09 AM
how do you like the ex-5ur?

2010.09.19, 09:54 AM
how do you like the ex-5ur?

i havent raced with it yet but first impresions are very good i think its a great step up from the kt-18 , all the adjustments you could need in a nice compact TX
even with batteries in its still light but feels sturdy and sits well in the hand

if like me the helios is just to overkill for you i would recomend this radio