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2010.09.21, 07:08 AM
UK Mini-Z Championship “The Race to become the very first Mini-Z UK champion”

In association with Bleeding Edge Racing, Radio Race Car International, Rossa and Ardent racing. Kyosho are proud to announce the inaugural UK mini-z championship.

This event will take place on the 27th November 2010 at Ardent raceway in Derby
There will be 6 classes competed for.

Stock 2wd
Open class 2wd
Stock 4wd
Open class 4wd
Open class F1
Open Dnano

We also intend to have a team relay race for a chance to be the Number 1 Mini-z club in the country. The idea is to have one car per team with 3 racers per club in a 18 minute non stop race with a handover to a new driver after 6 minutes.

The rules

Only Rechargeable Nimh AAA batteries are allowed for all classes except Dnano where the Kyosho lipos can only be used and in Drag cars where any battery is allowed.
In stock class hand out motors will be issued at a cost of £ each a maximum of 3 motors per racer can be purchased on the day.
In stock classes only scale bodies are allowed i.e., not Lola or vds types.

We also intend on having a drag race for those guys with all the speed and no control, We aim to set a new world record for the fastest mini-z.
You can modify as much as you like the only restriction is you must use the rear end of a Mini-z, we suggest using a 2wd pod and designing your own chassis or simply putting in a super hot motor to your everyday ride.
We will use the 60 foot long straight on the main track with a timing gate to get the fastest time. We aim to top 60mph!!!!!.

To enter you must have a 2.4ghz radio or at least 3 xtal choices for every 27mhz or 40mhz class you enter.
The timing system used will be CORE. You can use your own personal Transponders or they will be included in your fees for the event(1 per racer)
Handout motors must be purchased on the day(pn70t) and can NOT be modified.
There will be at least one place up for grabs to enter the mini-z world cup in Japan in March.

It will be offered to the person who is the fastest Uk guy with enough money to go to Japan and race for a chance to be world champion.

Entry cost is £15 per driver. There will be prizes and trophies
Simply e-mail neil@kyoshoeurope.com with the subject name of Mini-z uk championship for an entry form.
If you have any questions please feel free e-mail or visit the Official Forum on www.minirc.com