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2010.09.22, 02:52 AM
I'm really new to the mini z world. I picked up a used MR-02 MM. I want to pick up the Life batts from r246, but what kind of charger would I need? I'm looking for the lowest price for a charger.

Or if this is a bad idea for a noob like me, I was also thinking about the R1Wurks AAA NiMH Ultra-High Output World Champion Batteries 750mAH. What would be the best charger for the least price?

Any info would be great. Thanks!

2010.09.22, 03:36 AM
hmm... as you mentioned you're a noob...
i would go for aaa's first...
great chargers would be maha and lacrosse...

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you would have to do some chassis modification for the life batts and on top of that, you would have to get the charger to specifically charge the life batts...

hope this helps... :D

2010.09.22, 04:47 AM
Duratrax makes some cheap ones , if you just want to charge NICD/NIMH then go with the pirahna , its cheap and works good .

2010.09.22, 11:50 PM
Thank you for the much needed info! I will look in to all the chargers mentioned.

I have done some mods to my old Xmods. I've solderd and gutted it to fit LiPos, some Basic stuff Ive learned from working on my Airsoft guns. I just never had to deal with discharge and all that tech battery Knowlage. All We ever cared for was fps and rof. I didnt see all that I was getting into. This stuff gets confusing lol.

Thanks again for the great info!