View Full Version : Hungarian mini Dojo spinoff edition

2010.09.24, 10:11 AM
Hey Guys,

Finally we got around and set up the track in the new mini Dojo at my friend's place. Check out the pictures. Unfortunately there won't be too much miniZ stuff on the walls as it serves as a small photography studio as well for his wife.
The brand new track had amazing traction and there was almost no bumps in it. We should just install the lap counting system and we will be all set to enter the hfay series.


2010.09.25, 05:20 PM
Awesome P! :D Those are some swanky pit chairs too! Though it looks like it's possible to fall off the back there, which could be a concern when you're flailing around trying to kick your car etc.?! :D Great to hear from you - did you get my annual email around the time of the Hungarian GP? :)

2010.09.26, 09:57 AM
Hey D., rail is ready to be installed, so no falling off :) and BTW I never kicked any of my cars and it would be silly to start the habit now considering how hard is to get miniZ stuff around here. I should just start an online webshop for Europe ;).
I have found your email in my long forgotten yahoo account only a week ago :) (I use the gmail now). I will reply once I figure out what we need for the cars. Just make sure you stock all the perfex goodies :D :D :D

2010.10.13, 01:02 PM
You never actually kicked your car, but that was where you got your nickname from, wasn't it - that time when you were having setup problems or something and every time it went past you'd shout "****car!" at it and pretend like you were kicking it!? :D Keep us in the loop on developments, and email me w/ your new email address! Hope that whole sludge thing isn't near you btw! :eek: Keep in touch! :)

2010.10.13, 07:14 PM
no railing at the stairs? :eek: looks nice but terrifying. one good push back and your in a world of hurt.

nice space! looks very bright and refreshing. does it get humid up there? temperature and humidity really change the way rcp behaves.