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Mrs Mini-Z
2010.09.24, 02:39 PM
Our favorite thing about the whole Mini-Z Racer and TinyRC world is this online community. Over almost the last 10 years (!!!) we’ve had a lot of fun, and want to keep the good times going. This is why we’re bringing back Mini-ZRacer.com Forums Contests! :cool:

We’re going to kick things off with something seasonal and a little off-beat: The Super Spooky 787 Body Decoration Contest! :eek: :) What can you do with a Kyosho Mini-Z Mazda 787B 1991 Le Mans MR-02 LM Transparent Orange Body Set (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=20553) that will scream Halloween? What will be your inspiration? Something traditional like pumpkins, bats or ghosts? Maybe something more in the realm of zombies, monsters and vampires is what creeps you out? Use your imagination (or borrow your 8 year-olds) to decorate this unique Mini-Z body. Don’t stop with just paint - as a decoration contest we welcome you to think outside of the box - or coffin!!! :)

We can’t wait to see the “spook-tacular” designs you’ll come up with! Whoever scares the wheels off of us most will win a $25 shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) Gift Certificate, and title of “The Most Malevolent Mini-Z-er”!

The contest begins NOW! We have ten Clear Orange Bodies (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=20553) in stock and ready for your decorations, at the crazy low price of only $13! :D If you already have one of these bodies, you’re welcome to enter too!

The deadline for this contest is October 27, 2010. Submissions will be via the MZR Gallery, and we will post a link to the Gallery Album soon. In addition to the submitted picture, we ask that you take a few build-up photos, e.g. masking and first coats, etc., in order to prove ownership. You must decorate your own body, bodies decorated by someone else are not eligible.

Have fun and get creative! :)
:confused:? Post your questions here, or send me a Private Message :)

2010.09.25, 06:38 PM
i just ordered an autoscale from the shop for this contest :cool: can't beat the price either:p

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.09.26, 12:37 PM
The Super Spooky 787 Body Decoration Contest album (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=1367) is now ready for entrants!

All bodies ordered this weekend will ship out tomorrow!

Thanks! :)

2010.09.28, 01:14 PM
i guess there are only 2 contestants :confused: it's the perfect opportunity for a club to tie into a holloween themed race while at the same time competing in this contest, fun on both ends.:p

2010.10.08, 08:48 AM
just wanted to say i've already started on my entry! it's more reserved but playful. i didn't go all out and bedazzle it or anything. simple 2 colors. just need to add the final lettering tonight.

2010.10.10, 05:31 PM
now, as i mentioned, i did not go all out with the hot glue, fur and monster ears but instead choose to do a halloween themed racing car tailored to this contest.





all painting was done with tamiya mask tape and krylon super flat black spray paint.

2010.10.10, 05:31 PM
ok, where are the rest of you guys?

2010.10.15, 02:03 PM
With bit of help from my own little Pininfarina, the design phase is now complete. If we can do a halfway decent job of translating it to paint you should have some competition arch.

@MZR & Co: Thanks for bringing back the contests, reminds me of a time (at least in the DC GTG) when everyone seemed to be having more fun with mini-zs. Ah, nostalgia.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.10.15, 02:56 PM
You're welcome! Fun should always be the name of the game in Z's! Looking forward to seeing the design! :)

2010.10.17, 10:41 AM
I got a body (I agree that $13 is a great deal for a body with wheels) and will be working with my kids to figure out a good idea and execute it :)


2010.10.17, 11:49 AM
@MZR & Co: Thanks for bringing back the contests, reminds me of a time (at least in the DC GTG) when everyone seemed to be having more fun with mini-zs. Ah, nostalgia.

Thanks soyverde! :D I know exactly what you mean - this was definitely our intention with this contest. :)

We've got at least two guys from our group who have entered the fray, so, competition is starting to heat up! :)

2010.10.17, 11:57 AM
Oh, just wanted to add - there is no requirement that the body be mounted on a chassis - some people had indicated that they wanted to enter but had no LM to put it on - this is no problem at all and will not affect your chances of winning! :)

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.10.20, 07:01 AM
Just wanted to remind everyone that you have 1 week left to get those spooky 787's ready for the contest. :eek: :) Submissions are due next Wednesday, the 27th of October!

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.10.25, 01:50 PM
Just (another) reminder that you're entries to the contest are due...

Do you need a deadline extension??? Ok, you've got it. THE NEW DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 30TH. That way the judging panel can start their day with some spooky car judging on Halloween. :) Good luck and keep creating!!!

2010.10.29, 09:35 AM
Thanks for the extended deadline (busy week here, thought we'd missed the contest). It's not what I'd call finished (everything just glued on, some touch up and clear-coat still to be done), but in the interest of not missing a second deadline, I figured I'd post up the body as it currently sits.



I'll put some better pictures up when it's finished. Big thanks to my design team, only a seven year old could envision a spider's mouth reminiscent of an Aston Martin's grill...if only I could paint it that way. :rolleyes:

2010.10.31, 12:04 AM
I submitted a video entry but maybe a little late. Even so I hope everyone enjoys it.

(I couldn't figure out how to upload a high quality video to the Gallery so I uploaded a low quality one. I'll put the high quality one up on YouTube if anyone wants to see the better version.)

EDIT: Here is the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hsccoCR760


Mrs Mini-Z
2010.10.31, 07:25 PM
Hi All,
Thanks to our three contestants! Your efforts to join in on the fun for our silly contest are greatly appreciated. :D The judging committee has deliberated all day and a winner has been decided. A spooky drum roll please............

Congratulations to soyverde, our Grand Prize winner!!!!
You'll receive a $25 shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) gift certificate for your great (and spooky :eek:) design. We really enjoyed the Aston Martin-esque spider grill and the creepy yellow lights!

But, because we enjoyed Arch2B and Hobbycar's entries so much, we had to create some new categories for them. So, congratulations also go to:

Arch2B - Winner of a $10 shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) Gift Certificate and title of Spooky 787 Contest Promoter Extraordinaire!!! :)

Hobbycar - Winner of a $10 shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) Gift Certificate and the title of Way to Take It To The Next Level Spook Master!!! :)

Winners will automatically receive their Gift Certificates via email.

The next contest is coming soon, and it's going to be a big one!!! :cool:
Thanks again guys and congratulations!!!! :)

2010.10.31, 07:48 PM
congrats soy! it's a well deserved win :)

hobby, love the stop motion animation, very unique.

2010.10.31, 07:53 PM
Great job soyverde and arch2b!

The stop motion idea was my son's. They learned about it last year in school and it was a chance to put it into action :)


2010.10.31, 10:19 PM
Thanks guys, we enjoyed making it, and once the clearcoat goes on it'll definitely see the track. Hopefully the next contest will see a couple more entries.

Hobbycar: Very neat submission video, next thing you know the kids will be doing it with real cars (http://vimeo.com/m/#/2317118).