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2010.09.26, 11:01 AM
many of those on in the mid atlantic region of the east coast will be familiar with these stinkbugs. in the last 3 years, they have over run my area in maryland, each summer the numbers increase. this year it's near biblical proportions.

why are they named stinkbugs, they release a smell as a defense that smells horrible. one or two not so bad, got a house full of them and it can down right disgusting.

for those in the northern florida region, its very similar to the love bug horde that comes once a year. only these stink.

i made a perimeter sweep this morning and rounded up the infiltrators i could reach (they like to say up high in corners) for extermination. this is a single sweep mind you... i can assure you these smell badly.

here you can see the masses surrounding our perimeter just waiting to get in (those that survived). this is just one window, they are all like this.

i'm also finding these in masses trapped in car door jambs because they can't get pass the door seals so you open your car door to find 3-30 stinkbugs waiting to buzz you or fly into the car.

2010.09.26, 01:53 PM
Jeez man, I don't think I've seen any/many in my area, but good luck on cleaning property of these things.

2010.09.26, 01:54 PM
Funny that you mention this Ray. I have noticed tons of stink bugs our way in NC. Generally you see them outside on trees but I have been find some in the house as well.

I have also noticed many of my customers have them as well. We normally have June bugs but never quite this many stink bugs. Any ideas as to why there are so many? My guess is the unusually hot weather and lack of rain in our area.

I am not a biologist by any means but I think these weather conditions may increase their life span and breeding season. Who knows, just a thought.

Whatever it is it sure does stink! I wish they would go away.

2010.09.27, 09:51 AM
I heard the dry spell we had a few weeks ago increased their numbers. I've also heard they are attracted to white painted surfaces... good luck on fixing that. Oh... and if you kill one by smush tactics, the left-over scent seems to attract others.

They're here to stay... I've read that the first few rode in on some asian import delivery to Allentown PA a few years back and they've been spreading since.

2010.09.27, 09:58 AM
Luckly, i've never seen those before. i've never even heard of those bugs

2010.10.02, 01:01 PM
there was a cnn news segment on them recently. scientists have seen an unexplainable explosion in the population this year compared to the previous years which i can confirm via our experience with them.
they went on to discuss their research trips to asia looking for natural predators to combat these bugs. the annoyance factor wasn't a concern apparently but they are doing real damage to agricultural crops in the region.

bottom line of the segment, they won't have anything real to combat them until 2012 at the earliest.:mad:

i made my morning rounds today and scooped up a record number. the cool shift in temp. seems to knock them out for a bit making it much easier to scoop them all up.

2010.10.03, 09:53 PM
I was an accountant, turned techie. Got tired of working hard and watching other people make the money. Resigned to do what I love R/C.

I now do exterminating, consulting, and my R/C business. Lots of time with my daughter and playing with my cars both large and small..

I do the extreme R/C sizes that the hobbyshops don't want to support. Mini-Z, HPI Bajas, and I used to run the 1/4 Scale track here in Arizona.

Mainly I kill bugs, and I do it FAST!!

hmm what do exterminators say? incidentally there's one on the forums... got this from the thread "what do you really do???" (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35129&page=2&highlight=living)

maybe he can help...

2010.10.03, 10:03 PM
they can't do anything. there are natural herbs that are supposed to deter them but nothing that really combats them as they have no natural predator in the u.s.

Action B
2010.10.04, 09:04 AM
I am not a biologist by any means but I think these weather conditions may increase their life span and breeding season. Who knows, just a thought.[/QUOTE]

Since I went to college for biology I find this sort of stuff interesting. I read that its apparently the result of a lack of pesticides being used on crops that used to have been more heavily used. Due to environmental concerns the pesticides have been used less and the stinkbugs are no longer in check. I don't know if thats true just something I read.

2010.10.10, 06:38 PM
well, the weather warmed up the last 2 days and with it also brought the stink bugs back out in droves. i still haven't cleaned them out of the curtains yet. must have flushed 70 or so today.

2010.10.10, 08:42 PM
eewww... :eek: :mad:

2010.10.11, 07:08 AM
Whoa... you leave your windows open or somethin? Maybe they're getting in through an open vent? I've found they were getting into my kitchen a while back... one little open tear in the corner of the screen and they were finding it!

2010.10.11, 10:56 AM
can't live with the ac or heater on all the time so yes, i must open windows. they come through the slightest gap in any opening around the screens. like ****roaches, they squeeze through the thinest of gaps. i literally have to caulk the screen perimeter in order to keep them out. that is time consuming work and caulk is not cheap either. not expensive but not cheap either. not to mention it's all going to have to get pulled out in a couple years to have the exterior jambs/trim repainted. hopefully by then we will have a resolution to the problem.

what freaks you out are those that camp out in the car door jambs. you don't see them till you open the door and find dozens around the door opening. i can't even use the car heater as some are in the vents and turning it on makes them go nuts causing the car to fill with the horrible stench. as soon as winter settles in i'll have the dealership clean out the vents/ducts.

i had to sweep all the walkways around the house as well due to all teh cold freeze bugs dropping off the house blanketing the walks. the pictures here are the basement steps.

2010.10.12, 01:57 AM
they have no natural predator in the u.s.
yikes... that's doesn't sound re-assuring...
what natural predators are there outside the u.s.?

2010.10.12, 06:33 AM
i spent all of last weekend caulking my windows, inside and out. Door frames too...I even caulked the first layer of siding were it meets the foundation. it seemed to help a bit, but you are right they can squeeze their way into any gap.

Talking to my buddy/exterminator he was saying that we got about another month of them. he came by to spray the outside of the house...but i dont think that did anything.

I thought i had alot until i saw your pics!