View Full Version : mr-03 reverse problem

2010.09.26, 02:54 PM
I need help.

My friend's mr-03 has a problem. It does not switch to reverse. The problem is intermittent so sometimes it does but more often it does not. He uses an old KO-EX1 transmitter.

I read through the entire 57 pages of the mr-03 thread but nobody seems to have similar issues so I'm helpless. We don't have access to a programmer unit :(. He also complained aboout some on-power glitching but it is not so bad.

Any idea what should we try?
(I understand that TJ's tutorial will help with the latter problem)


2010.09.26, 04:13 PM
What is the throttle/brake hi-point? Make sure that it is less than 65 forward, and 40 is a good place to start for reverse. Also try adjusting the throttle trim forward or reverse and see if it gets better.