View Full Version : NEPA Xtreme Speedway Wilkes-Barre, PA

2010.09.26, 06:48 PM
Hello all, wanted to let everyone know about our shop in Wilkes-Barre, PA we are a 1/32 and 1/24 model slot car speedway http://www.nepaslotcars.com/
but we are starting a Mini-z race series on our wooden tracks, Mini Giants Despair (NEPA Hill Climb) is a 90 foot up to 8 lane wood track, and the other a 155 foot long very simliar to the one in the picture http://www.slotcars.org/tunkeltracks/index.html come on down and see us behind the old Hart Diner on Forrest st. or you can email me for questions at lohocla420@gmail.com

2010.09.26, 07:11 PM
Will there be a racing surface put down on top of the track? Or will the Mini-Z be run on the slot surface?

2010.09.26, 07:17 PM
I mentioned about putting surface down to the main proprietor and slot guy..IF there is enough interest for a winter race series I will lay down some money for the surface agreed upon by club members..

as is it is very fun to run on. I had my stock xmod on there for 50+ solid laps today and it was very fun, I hardly noticed the slots at all

2010.09.26, 07:21 PM
the corner you see all the way in the back, in the picture from slotcars.org,
Is a 35 degree high banking turn.. should be real to fun race on.. right now its awaiting a fresh coat of KBS satin black (similiar to POR-15). so we will race on the hill climb track which has a banked 180 turn into an uphill s-turn to a straight-away past the starting line into a sharp left down and around a bend to the right into a long straight which goes under the top straight back into the banked 180.. A lap timing system will be installed once we figure one out for little $..