View Full Version : firelap nanoracer 2.0 2.4g problems

2010.09.28, 04:59 AM
hay guys i have a few questions! i have a 2.4g nanoracer too but it seems like some problem with it. when i want to start the car by switch it on is only turns on for a half sec than off. the servo shakes a bit than nothing hapens. can u tell me what can be the problem? fets are burn or they have lost the connection? please help me.

2010.11.17, 04:50 AM
have you tried re-binding it?

2011.01.31, 09:45 AM
I am just posting my experience with some steering problems on some Firelaps (released 2011)... if your car have steering lapses... like eratic steering (turns to one side then seems to have difficulty turning to the other side).

OR another symptom is that the motor of the steering servo becomes a bit hot.

it is likely that this is the culprit:
the "link" in the servo mechanism still have a rough finish.

this part is underneath the servo mechanism (read as - "you need to remove this assembly"):

After removing the link, you need to sand-off the rough edges of the plastic until smooth and rounded. I use a dremel with a fine round sander attachment (green sanding stone).

The rough edge will tend to bind with the parts of the steering mechanism that is why the steering will have an eratic behaviour. The motor of the steering also tends to pull a lot of power that is why it gets hot. If this problem is not corrected, it might eventually blew up the steering fets on the PCB.