View Full Version : Mini-ZRacer.com October 2010 Forum Poll

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.09.30, 01:58 PM
This month we want to know what are your preferred wheels to set off your favorite AutoScale or to take you to the checkered flag? Take the poll and let us know! :)

(p.s. if we forgot anything, let us know that too!) ;)

2010.09.30, 04:59 PM
90% of the time it's atomic dish or t.s. wheels for me.

2010.09.30, 05:29 PM
Been running the MantisWorx wheels recently, I don't like the fact that hard crashes can pop them out, but on the other hand I don't have to switch wheels to change offsets -- very convenient.

I'd probably go back to plastic spoked wheels for racing, they're lighter and tire truers can now take care of any small amount of out-of-roundness.

2010.10.03, 10:34 AM
It's OVERWELMING the wheels selection out there..... so i keeps it stock :eek:

2010.10.04, 06:38 PM
Dish rims, mostly for racing purposes.;)

2010.10.04, 09:39 PM
Dish wheels for Stock racing trying to be lightest and Stock wheels for Mod & AWD since enough motor power to compensate. Alloys for F1 since it just looks really scale!

2010.10.05, 03:02 AM
Dish wheel on my F430 but only for durability purpose cause I prefer the look of "real" wheels.
And on my LM and F1, stock wheels.

2010.10.15, 05:20 AM
although i got some aluminum wheels, it's normally stock wheels...

i'd run dish for racing if they have them here...

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.10.20, 04:57 AM
do we know how you roll? Take the poll! :)

2010.10.27, 03:30 PM
I'm running stock on both kpc10 skyline and Sauber LM... but that old school skyline would look so nice with some alu wheels.... :)

2010.10.27, 03:49 PM
I really like the PN alloy wheels. I have both types and they look great, the bearings fit in them nicely, and they dont break. Something I cant say about plastic stock or aftermarket wheels I've tried. Yes they are heavier.

2010.10.27, 05:09 PM
I'll say alloy or dish/delrin non-interchangable wheels.