View Full Version : Jr z-1 radio / Helios

2010.09.30, 03:10 PM
I have a JR Z-1 radio which is basically identical to the Helios. (although u cannot charge a jr radio w/ a ko charge plug) My question is: does the data expansion pack work with this radio? I have 11 models and I hate having to reset the models based on seasons.

2010.10.01, 01:11 PM
Yes it should work once you format it for the Tx.

2010.10.01, 01:20 PM
While we are on this subject, if I have a data pack in one Helios, can I switch it to a different Helios without having to format it?

edit: I just tried, and it works :)

2010.10.01, 02:16 PM
Cool! EMU can u show me ur data pack at the track tonight:eek:? I wanna see how it works. Thanks for the answers guys

Ps. Has anyone tried the 3D trigger for the eurus on their Z-1? Is it too labor intensive?

2010.10.01, 07:09 PM
I put one on my Helios a couple weeks ago. It's dead simple.