View Full Version : Frequency Conflict issue

2010.10.01, 08:39 AM
How to resolve the issue where all drivers are using ASF 2.4? How should this be entered into the driver info page (i.e. in the frequency box)? If I input "2.4" or "24" I get frequency conflict hard error for all racers when trying to run a race?


2010.10.01, 09:16 AM
^ I always enter their frequency as the same number as their transponder. As long as you don't double up a transponder, you don't double up a frequency. Hope this helps.

2010.10.01, 12:12 PM
rc scoring pro has a box for 2.4 :)

2010.10.02, 07:38 AM
For 2.4, you can set the frequency value to 0. This way the frequency will be ignored in order to compute the conflicts.