View Full Version : changing qualifier starting order for each heat

2010.10.01, 08:58 AM
no issue. selected "PN RACING" and run a test race using keyboard and 1 min qualifiers. Q1 has 2 rounds. 1st round is random, 2nd round is reverse of 1st automatically. Then for Q2 (3rd qualifier), you simply select Q1 and "Generate HEATS". Then Zround automatically generates 3rd quali based on total ranking- which is exactly what I needed.

2010.10.02, 07:33 AM
mmmm, I know it works as you say :) :) :)
Have you any feature request or this message is only to confirm the software works as you expected?.

I think it may be you'd have some doubts before your test but now it is all ok.

Best regards,


2010.10.02, 10:46 AM
Hi J,

Yes, I wasn't sure how to set it up. But now I know. If I have time at some point, I'd like to help by maybe trying to update the original Zround manual. Those videos that you did helped alot before, but as the video says "it is out of scope", so those things should be captured in the documentation.