View Full Version : LM readyset tire ?

2010.10.02, 06:37 PM
What tires come with the readyset=LM mazda 787B #18 '91 swc.
this will be used on my Mini-96.

Thanks in advance.

just got my First 2.4 readyset^^^ and the new perflex EX-5UR ASF transmitter. both are new and i have not opened set or box. never even drove a 2.4 car yet-- 5 am cars i still drive.

2010.10.03, 12:04 PM

The tires coming with the ready kits are something that looks to be 40 front and 30 rear.
It may work on your mini 96 but you'll definitely gain more steering by upgrading to optionnal 30 front (or even 20) and 20 rear.