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2010.10.04, 06:01 AM
Hey guys iam running a MR-02 with a damper and a top shock and when i get to the end of a long straight and turn into a large sweeper my car loses traction on the rear or rolls . I watch other guys with MR-03's and they can take it with ease . Any ideas ? I'll take some pics of my car if that helps .

2010.10.04, 07:39 AM
Could be front tires catching on fenders under extreme spring load. What body are you using? Some narrow ones simply tend to roll under extreme weight shifting no matter what.

2010.10.04, 07:50 AM
Iam running the ferrari 360 .

2010.10.04, 07:58 AM

2010.10.04, 08:01 AM
Sorry not the greatest pics , i took them with my cell phone.

Davey G
2010.10.04, 08:42 AM
Make sure the eccentric pin on the double a arm is in the upper position (highest roll center) what h plate do you have? PN Silver "M" and Kyosho soft are all pretty safe bets in order to reduce traction roll. Need more of your setup info though. What tires? R U racing on RCP?? etc

2010.10.04, 06:06 PM
Yes iam running on RCP , iam running PN 6 x-patterns on the rear and PN 10 slicks on the front . I cant remember what h plate iam running , i think its a med ?

2010.10.05, 02:51 AM
Does your car noticeably chatter when you take turns at high speed? I notice you don't seem to have side-to-side damping in the rear, just bump damping with the Kyosho shock. If the car chatters it can traction roll at high speed.

2010.10.05, 04:52 AM
Yeah it does chatter , should i try one of those tri - dampers ? Or i was thinking of a gimbled set-up ?

2010.10.05, 03:21 PM
No need to spend that kind of money so soon. You need to have a good familiarity with Mini-Z physics before you can extract anything good out of the tri-shock and especially the gimbal setup.

I suggest adding a disk damper to your rear end and building it right. Sand the plate and disks with 1000 grit, and use soft springs and a dab of good grease to get the right amount of side damping while minimizing static friction ("stiction").

I personally run either tri-shock or disk damper with a t-plate in both cases. The feel is different, I like the linear feel of the tri-shock, but I don't find the laptimes to be much different at low to mild Mod power levels.

2010.10.05, 04:17 PM
You can get the tri damper, and use it as a disc damper first, to get the feel of things... then as you progress add the side shocks.

I have been racing Mini-Z for at least 6 years, and I continue to learn new things almost every time I hit the track. Take your time, and focus on figuring out what each individual change that you make does to the car. Only then can you make decisions in how to tune the car to the way you like it, when you understand what each change you are making is doing. Sometimes you need to make 5 changes on a race day, sometimes only one... I try to make as little as I need to, while making the most effective change that I can make to get the reaction that I want out of the car.

2010.10.05, 07:14 PM
Thanks guys !! I have a few ideas i'll try this week at the track . I've been into R/C's for years but i've only got into these mini-z's in the last couple months . And yes every week when i go to the track i learn something new , these little cars are very complex .

2010.10.05, 08:32 PM
Glad your enjoying the Zs.....its an ADDICTION!;):D