View Full Version : Sydney Mini z Racers UNITE!!!

2002.07.16, 06:33 PM
Hey guys/girls, got a mini z? interested in hooking up for races? Im trying to find other people in Sydney who are interested in getting together to race thier mini z's in the metro area.....

2002.07.17, 03:47 AM
Hey Doctor ,

I'm keen for anything that gets organised. I live in the Newtown area but am happy to travel wherever if a suitable place can be found. I've been thinking about it for a while not but havent come up with anything yet. Do you have any ideas?

2002.07.17, 07:58 PM
just to let the doc know that there's more than one ppl who live in sydney :)

2002.07.17, 09:26 PM
Guys, this is awesome!!! we need to stimulate more interest is Sydney.... It's great you guys are letting me know... Wings n' things in gladesville have a track which is a bit ****ty but an alright size for mini-z's and the dude there said they'd let us use it if there was enough interest, but the guys there are ****heads and so I thought we'll organise our own thing. Please email me your phone numbers or something and well get together on Saturday to meet, have a little rip around a basketball court or something... whatever....ill either call or email u back with details! I would like to make it a weekly or bi-monthly thing and I know of a few tracks around sydney although I'm not sure how they suit the mini-z's. Either way we'll have some fun!!

2002.07.17, 11:19 PM
Glad to see that we here in the U.S. aren't the only ones who know the proper use of the term: ****head. Now I'll sleep better!

2002.07.18, 12:44 AM
I could go on with a few more colourful words, but i thought I'd spare you guys.... The dude's there are overpriced. A place in parramatta has mini z's for $250, Hobbyco in the city for $229 and they have them for $270!!! and they weren't negotiable even though my friend and i bought two and a fair few hop ups between us!!!

2002.07.18, 07:17 PM
hey doc
where do you live ? you can drop me an email at rczoombie@hotmail.com

2002.07.28, 07:37 PM
Hey racers.... there are two additions to the Sydney ppl with mini-z's two more of my friends have buckled and bought!!! races on weekends as usual.

2002.07.28, 10:26 PM
Hey guys ,

I've been away the last week or so so havent replied to anyone.

I'm still keen to get together sometime if we can.
I'm free from Thursday this week thru to Monday next week after 4pm if anything gets organised. Weekend after 4pm would be fine.

any ideas on a venue yet?


2002.07.29, 12:22 AM
a few venues in mind... gotta go check them out for inconsistencies though... after 4 is a bit hard but might be doable ... ill check with the boys. What are ur specs anyhow?

2002.07.30, 09:52 PM
Hey Doctor ,

If things can be organised for after 4 this weekend then great , if not I'll have to wait till next time.

As far as specs go ...

My cars is reasonably basic.
Skyline body
Ball Bearings
Ball Diff
Modified FETS
minizracer.com motor.

My personal "specs" are
29 Male
Live in Newtown
I'm an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer _ Avionics
Work for QANTAS.

Yours? :p

2002.07.30, 10:29 PM
27 male

lancer evoVI body, ball bearings, 2deg toe in and 2 deg camber, modded mody (mesh and so on)

will see what happens... at this stage its in the morning

2002.08.05, 12:51 AM
so did you guys meet up for any racing over the weekend?

2002.08.05, 08:22 PM
raced at petersham public school tennis court... awesome....my diff got un-smooth tho, haven't pulled it apart to see why yet

2002.08.08, 10:06 PM
Are you guys planning anything this weekend? I'm on afternoon shift over the weekend so could come along till about 2pm if you were....


2002.08.09, 12:02 AM
might on sunday tho as were going to skirmish on sat

2002.08.12, 01:18 AM
Hey Doctor ,

So do you have plans to race at all this coming weekend? . At this stage I'm pretty sure I will be free most of the weekend so let me know if anything is happening :-).

Out of curiosity , what do you use to mark out the track ?
What sort of track layout do you use?
What set up ie type of tyres etc did you find works best on the Tennis court.?

look forward to getting together soon ,

P.S Luciano are you keen to come along at the weekend if something is on? I'm happy to pick you up and drive you there if you need it

2002.08.12, 07:02 PM
may do, give me a call

2002.11.10, 08:31 PM
another mini z er in sydney, im at mascot, and if there are some more races happenin ill see if i can join up with you guys.

2002.11.25, 05:29 PM
Hey doc, im a new racer and i bought my mini z about 4 days ago, wat i wanna know is that wat should i do to my altezza to make go FASTER!!! :D and how do i get stickers on my car with a epson stylus c40sx? by the way im 15 and i live in hillsdale thats near maroubra.

thanx 4 every thing

2002.12.14, 07:03 AM
hey there all, i'm another mini z owner,mine is honda s2000,its a stocker except for the xspeed and a set of wheels.
I would be grateful if someone could tell me where to get good hop up parts,e.i.big motor with turbo and ball diff, at a reasonable price, any info would be helpfull,thanks new member..

2002.12.15, 07:28 AM
hey bro im a new mini z racer too n havent done any thing to my mini z . ive only lowerd the bak by my self by heating the h plate and bending it but i still gotta lower da front...... well u can get parts from hobby co in the city next to center point and thers another place in kingsford called wings n things. oh i and i got my own wing

take a look at ma mini z

2002.12.15, 08:07 AM
hey guys, i know where to race ma mini z and its smooth but in sum places there are tiny rocks which flip ma mini z sum times :( its not a track its a car park for delifrance..... sum company but me n ma frend where racin dere n he pointed out a track which is about 15m x 8m and its really mad. the whole smooth car park is about 60m x 14m so we have drag reces there......hehehehe i always win :D but me n my frendz mini z are stock. dats y im starting 2 work to get $ to tune up ma mini z and im gonna do wat doc told me to do make it handle betta then beef in da spEEd :D i luv it wen i run my mini z cauz its quicker than the others and mines stock aswell so thats y im happy :D and who knows where to get turbo from in sydney other than hobby co cauz hobby co only got eagle turbo wich is crap compared to th other tubos

2002.12.15, 08:10 AM
look at the front of my altezza hehehehe i like it but sum ppl say its stupid but i like it alot :D

2002.12.15, 07:50 PM
look at how i lowered the back my self

2002.12.15, 08:07 PM
Originally posted by mrk44mag
hey there all, i'm another mini z owner,mine is honda s2000,its a stocker except for the xspeed and a set of wheels.
I would be grateful if someone could tell me where to get good hop up parts,e.i.big motor with turbo and ball diff, at a reasonable price, any info would be helpfull,thanks new member..

Ask the shop here , shop@mini-zracer.com. Dave will help ya out.

2003.01.01, 10:49 PM
hey syd racers, im another 4 the list, got a blu wrx 2door custom lightweight shell all mods on the way,30 series tyres,heatsink on mtr, ready 2 race some one email me plse,chimp544@yahoo.com.au
27m ,pyrmont.3d student.
btw.... indoor is kinder 2 the paintwork of our z's maybe a community centre? with a court....soft tyres will stick like s***. no probs with dust and sticks.... also my crystal type is green tx band 4 i hope we all do not have the same...bit chargs have that problem.:D

2003.01.02, 07:00 PM
hey dudes, sorry been missin for a while... ill be organising a meet for everyone in the next few weeks, keep checking this site for details... found a cool smooth concrete carpark in surrey hills and another at brighton le sands..

2003.01.03, 09:32 AM
come on doc, whos up 4 racing this weekend? theres plenty ofcourts in the inner city,

why compete??
2003.01.06, 09:45 AM
use all seem 2 know alot about mini z. i got the warsteiner merc 4 xmas and have alredy fckued up the h plat and motor so x speed and carbon fiber plates mayb even custon metal h plates tha my bro will make 4 me.im interested in these meets 4 racers but theres 1 prob itl b hard 4 me 2 get 2 em coz i dont drive, but me and cmefly r very good friends and we could find a way 2 get 2 em. brighton sounds good 4 me 2 get 2 and mayb we can all get our z's 2gether and do a lap of bay street(jokes:D hahahaha).and does ne 1 know y my z only goes like 7 meters b4 it starts getting bad reception and starts going into all sorts can sum 1 plez help me coz i dont really like driving it at my feet. if ne one can help me with this it would be of great help and also inform me about some meets 4 racers if u can please e-mail me at dady_grekos@hotmail.com and ne1 can add me so we can talk bout our z's and meets. thanks 4 the time u took 2 read this if u finished reading it

2003.01.12, 10:27 PM
Dude, the stock H-Plate is crap anyhow so, dont worry, get a cf one, i think i have a spare for sale if u like. Meets are a bit slow because my band is recording our debut cd, the band is called "JADED" so buy the damn thing!! there's also a few threads on the 7 meter range problem, need to do a search guys. how many ppl can give a definate on a race meet? and who knows of a cool place to race where there is preferrably that smooth concrete that they use in carparks?

2003.01.12, 10:47 PM
took my z out to a set of 4 netball courts on the way home from work today, rippingly smooth, but its in the suburbs, (mortdale- Olds park, next to the skateboard ramps). but ill travel to the city if thats where the racing is at.

tho i finally broke my original knuckles- could have done that in the kitchen :), but i have the squat camber set on the way, so ill be there.

2003.02.06, 01:22 AM
i know im a bit late but im in for Z racing

a stock white rexy for now but in 4 days or so it will be modified heavily

why compete??
2003.02.06, 02:26 AM
hey doc,
sorry i havent replied coz my stupid e-mail sent it 2 junk mail and i only got it then.

i got my cf h plates and i am still w/o an x-speed :mad: but hopefully soon..........

my school has just put in some new road tar 2 fancy up the school a bit and it is as smoth as hell but they hae yet 2 finish it all and there are lil rock lying around all over the place and cant wait for them 2 finish and there is also a very smoth outside basket-ball courte 2 be exact boith longwasy conected but there is 4 ploes in the middle for the rings (what would be a basket-ball courte w/o the hoops) but it is still loooooooooooong

if ne of youse want 2 try it out it is in Maroubra, South Syd High School............... just a thougyht from me 2 u :D your choice but i will definately b going once all the renewing is done with a few frieds with Z's........ if not where do tou guys race and on what days????? and do youse have a track??????