View Full Version : Attn: Florence, SC Mini-Zers

2002.07.16, 08:10 PM
hey, im gonna be in the darlington area on labor day for the race, and i was wondering if any of yall wanted to get together and have a good ole time. LMK.

2002.07.16, 10:23 PM
Sorry dude, got a class re-union on that weekend.

Maybe 2EZ or Cruizer will be around.

2002.07.16, 10:32 PM
***ness. aight, maybe next time.

Ken Mifune
2002.07.17, 01:20 AM
Alright, another blue avatar thread.

2002.07.17, 05:23 PM
What, Blue?

2002.07.17, 09:01 PM
blue? whats blue?

2002.07.20, 10:17 AM
all seriousness aside, i need to know

2002.08.01, 10:24 PM
just a thought, there is a hobby shop with a mini-z track in florence, right? if the answer is no, goddamn am i gonna look like a jackass.

2002.08.01, 11:37 PM
I might come up there for the race. That would be so cool if we could get a ton of people to go to the race, then head over to the mini-z track afterwards.

2002.08.02, 10:14 AM
Yep! would have been Fun to have some of us get together but when DanZer is out of town we don't run the LHS is not open on weekends and only he has the key to the gate. The Track is outsid but locked up. We haven't gotton enough intrest as of yet to race. We just meet and play, testing setups etc. That is fun but I am ready for us to get more people intrested so we can race.