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2010.10.09, 06:31 PM
I am both a vintage car fan, nissan 240z fan and enjoy narrow-short wheelbase racing so i picked up the 240z from the shop here.
i've had plenty of experience driving short wheelbase bodies so i know how they tend to behave. i set this body up on an mr-03 with the reflex racing adjsutable front end, reflex racing extra long king pins set with white springs, pn racing 90mm motor pod and disc damper set with atomic dish wheels; N-1 front and N0 rear. oh, pn racing #3 h plate and hfay motor and old ball bearings. the rest of the car is stock. tires are kyosho 30 front, 20 rear.
right off the bat the car drives well but way to much stearing. i don't have 40 tires and not dumping $10 to test so i adjusted the steering travel down to about 45. this allowed me to make all the turns on HFAY S10, event 4 track without sever rollover provided you know when to let off the throttle.


oddly enough, the whole car bounced and hopped over the uneven track. typically the rear end would hop on other small cars but this one, the whole car skipped. maybe the mr-03 chassis is that much lighter than the mr-02 which is what i had previously always run short wheelbase cars on.

any one else have opinions, their setups, etc.? anyone have a pair of 40 tires they can let go? i'm thinking about moving to pn racing low knuckles to drop the front end. in stock trim, it sits very high.
you can get away with N0 front wheels but i kept loosing tires when brushing the rails. i don't glue my tires due to my lack of time and general lazyness in this regard.

2010.10.09, 07:16 PM
Nice setup. Remind me Monday to bring those 40's I told you about.


2010.10.25, 04:00 PM
Btw Ray, http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34948. Want to copy your input into that thread?

2010.10.25, 04:18 PM
I missed this thread before... Try moving the damper plate forward one hole, as well as the damper post. See if that makes it a little smoother. You can also use a harder spring under the lower disc to make it bounce a little less.

Do you have any Ruby Lube or similar mid viscosity grease? Try a little on the damper and kingpins...

Also, I dont know how keen you would be to try this, but increase the size of the gurney flap... it may help in the high speed sections. You can just cut some of the plastic from an ASC or RTR case, and double side tape ito to the rear of the existing gurney...