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2010.10.11, 11:37 AM
i just wanted to share my thanks for having the brief opportunity to share the track with a good friend of the family and on the track. Kris only just recently got stationed back in our area and has already received orders to spend the next year in a not so welcome part of the world doing his part in great service to our country. i can't say enough good things about the man, his family and his skills on the track.

stay safe and i hope to see you again when you get back. if you ever get the opportunity to check in, please do so. i''ll send you a nice care package once you settle in.:p

i never seemed to get saluting right despite many friends serving in various branches of the military and attending many military functions, living off base in my youth, px shopping, base health services, etc.

as a message to the greater community, thank you to those of you whom are currently in service or have served in our armed forces. i can't tell you how many i've met over the last 10 years just through mini-z racing.

Action B
2010.10.11, 12:53 PM
Wow, sad to see Kris leave us...:(

2010.10.11, 12:56 PM
Deployed means he'll come back eventually. :)

Stay safe Kris! Always looking forward to hearing from you.

2010.10.11, 01:55 PM
Stay Safe Kris! We appreciate you serving our country.

Action B
2010.10.11, 09:54 PM
Deployed means he'll come back eventually. :)

Stay safe Kris! Always looking forward to hearing from you.

Oh yeah I guess that makes sense!

2010.10.11, 11:02 PM
Good luck Kris. Hope you make the most of it :)

2010.10.12, 01:18 AM
Godspeed and come back soon...
don't forget to visit us on the forums once in a while...

2010.10.13, 12:32 PM
Wow, Arch's post is so touching, anything I would come up with would seem feeble in comparison - I have yet to race w/ Kris yet, though we did meet for about 5 minutes when he was traveling across the country - he went way out of his way just to come say hi - it was awesome! :) Please stay safe K, and be sure to check in as often as possible! Like Arch said, we're already working on a care package (all: Kris sent ME a care package when he was stationed in the UK, that's how awesome he is! All my favorite English sweets etc.! :D), and please don't hesitate to let us now if there's anything you need!!! We love you and your family and will do anything to support all of you - just name it. :)

2010.10.13, 04:31 PM

Never got to know you but from the posts think your Navy
Bravo Zulu ;)

Even if your not
Thanks Brudda!

2010.10.13, 06:03 PM
Top buddy always in my thoughts safe return.

2010.10.14, 06:03 PM
Just realized: Kris has been all over the US, to the UK, Germany, I think Japan - I bet he's met a wider range of MZR forum members than anyone else here!? :cool: :)

2010.10.24, 12:42 AM
Hi everybody! Man thanks everyone for the kind words. I know I can always stop by the forums during my free time and know that I'm always welcomed.

I just recently past 15 years in the Navy and it's been a long journey. I've met many people during that journey and since my first mini-z (2002) I've tried my best to meet other Mini-z enthusiast along the way.

This last trip accross the country let me meet Phillip from PN. This was my first big purchase in a long time and it was a fully decked out MR-03. With all parts recommended by him. He took the time to get me up to speed on it and I was very fortunate for that.

Also along the journey I got to meet who I have always thought of as the "Willy Wonka" of the Mini-z scene-Mr. Mini-z. In my early days on the forum I followed the changes from MR-01 to MR-02 and the many posts by Arch2b. When I moved to DC and met Arch2b(another "man behind the mask") I offered to help Arch2b with moderator duties and general forum and shop website stuff, mainly product pictures. It seemed like Arch2b had his hands really tied up and I offered to do what I could. So of course after nearly 8 years of being a member/moderator for Mini-Z I had to meet the man behind the curtain.

Who's next? I don't know. My job has taken me to places far and wide. I was there in the UK at the start up of a great club at Stafford with an outstanding guy BRIANMIDNITE (the caps is an inside joke). Not much of a scene in my current location however I hope that my job puts me in Germany or Japan. I've been to Germany but not to the motherland of the Mini-z(and my Evo X ;)). I would hope to get to Japan and share some more stories of who I've met. If I make it that way I'd like to meet bit??? Can't remember the user name right now.

Anyway thanks again for the kind words. Arch2b and his family have always been good to my family and I and it was great to see them in the short time I was back. I never thought I would be back. I was very happy to see that DC was an established club with a track outside of Arch2b's house and a great group of racers.

I'll be lurking here and there. It's tough right now because I have nothing more than a suitcase and a laptop. I really really miss everything! LOL!!!


2010.10.24, 12:53 AM
Sounds good buddy......enjoy!:)

2011.01.06, 02:59 AM
anyway anybody have any word on byebye?

2011.01.06, 07:30 AM
he posted holiday well wishes recently. i know the country has taken a disturbing direction with the recent glorification of the recent political killing. it seems to be a loud signal that militancy is there, strong and growing. i trust byebye is staying within a safe area.

2011.03.31, 10:27 AM
All is well here. Just laying keeping my head on a swivel. I hope that all have had great holidays and lots of joy in your lives.


2011.03.31, 01:26 PM
Great to see you back on the forum Kris but stay safe if your still on "duty". Bri

2011.05.13, 08:52 AM
Hello all! Glad to see the scene is alive and well despite the tragedy in Japan. I want to also say THANKS!!! To Mini-z and Mrs. Mini-z for the one of a kind "byebye" 10th anniversary polo. I wear it proudly!


2011.05.15, 10:51 PM
welcome back byebye... :D