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2010.10.13, 02:12 AM
I got Atomic damper plate system
It fits perfect on Kyosho stock MM motor mount (98mm wheelbase),
but I want to use it with the stock RM motor mount (94mm wheelbase).
As I figured out - I have to get this:
(RM DPS Conversion Set)
But what do I need to use the DPS with my Kyosho oil shock?

The mounting position does not match for something like 2mm or so..

2010.10.13, 02:37 AM
If the shock is 2mm too long for the mounting points, just let it be... the Kyosho shock springs are quite soft so you will just be preloading the spring a little bit when you put the car on the ground. No harm done unless your T-plate is significantly bent up or down when the car is stationary on the ground.

If the shock is 2mm too short for the mounting points... consider cutting a small plate of your own to replace the plastic DPS spacer in your Atomic DPS kit. Just include on the plate the mounting hole you need in the exact place you need it. Hope that helps!

2010.10.13, 02:51 AM
The shock comes 2mm shorter to fit.
Thanks. I will try to make such adapter.

2010.10.20, 07:30 AM
My homemade solution :)

I used some copper plated circuit boards material I have at home.

Some drilling, cutting and filing:
It is far from perfect work :o
I made two plates for RM mount (90mm and 94mm wheelbase) and one plate for the top shock.

This is the 90mm setup. I had to use some spacers to rise the DPS post to the needed hight.

I have no spare shims, so I used a cardboard to raise the construction even more :(

And finally this is the top shock installed

The whole setup needs a little more fine tuning and shimming. But basically this is my homemade sollution :cool:

2010.10.20, 02:05 PM
Nice work! Always good to see people not afraid of doing a little DIY. :)

2010.10.20, 08:32 PM
great diy...

as they say... necessity is the mother of invention... :D two thumbs up :D

how's the z scene in bulgaria? mind posting pics of your tracks?

2010.10.21, 02:18 AM
Thanks :)

how's the z scene in bulgaria? mind posting pics of your tracks?

That question hurts :) The simple answer is - tragic.
We have NO mini-z tracks at all. I started popularizing this scale a year ago in our modelism forum. The result is 5 or 6 guys owning mini-z's (including me). We know each other but never manage to meet and run our cars together :)

The 10th scale is very popular here though. And I got questions like : "Why do you give your money on mini-z when you could by decent 1:10 car for the same amount of money?" :D

2010.10.21, 02:50 AM
ah... i know how you feel... same thing over here... scene is pretty small... my cars are soo lonely... hehehe... but got wind of some news... will post more info when it's more concrete... :D