View Full Version : Fast Pace Racing= Awesome

2010.10.15, 11:15 PM
Last nite (thurs) I made the trip down to FPR=wow. Epic. They have every
part you would need to make a repair or custom build from the table up:)
lot's of ASC's, & non decor white bodys, chassis sets, Tx.....

The track was Killer
this was my first time driving on a large public RCP track:eek: not to mention
i showed up with my AM Mr-02 and my KT-5 Tx. My car didn't have bearings and i was using the stock motor. I managed to roll my left front tire
of the rim- Thank You Eric for letting me borrow the wheel wrench:cool:

Everyone there was super cool and very helpful. truth be told i felt embarrassed= showing up with my car/tx in a USPS shipping box,AM, Stock motor and the KT-5:confused:.... But Damn that was the greatest
time i had with the mini-z culture. I sure hope to be able to make it down there again.

Thank You Fast Pace Racing !!!
Special Thanks to Peter and Eric. Keep up the Good Times