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2010.10.17, 09:21 AM
several of us have been trying to pull together a local points series of sorts, similar to what we had many years ago. the obvious number one difficulty is location. this in a sense can be solved by choosing no single location but spread them about the local clubs. so far we have remnant racing, awsome rc and washington dcd gtg.

we just completed our mosler race. there seems to be great interest in a 90mm wheelbase race. in the past we've had classic car, hot hatch back car, tow behind trailer, mini-van races. we can continue the line of these one off into a series or pick a couple for classes. dc used to have a stock (think hfay) and mod class points series. i would love to have an excuse to use my permanent 90mm car for a stock class and my permanent 98mm car for a mod class. i don't even own a mod class motor. i will be keeping my 94mm setup for hfay.

my suggestions;
1. 90mm stock class (think hfay)
2. 94 and or 98mm mod class

each club will rotate hosting the races once a month. i'm sure we can pool together some sort of prizes for the end of the season winners. each club happens to have some well connected drivers.

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